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Hey! Anyone planning on applying to UMSON for Spring of '13?... Read More

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    Well, congratulations to everyone who has gotten in so far!! Hopefully I'll figure out which campus I'm at when they call! I assume you're right though, I probably defaulted to Baltimore.

    And good luck to everyone else!
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    Mine has changed to 'Provisional-Admit' also!!!! But I haven't got a call yet. Congrats to all of you who got accepted! And fingers crossed for those who are still waiting. BTW, I am at Baltimore campus. Now all I need to do is to finish my pre-reqs safely.
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    Congrats to all who were accepted! I'll be at the Baltimore campus. I got my call earlier today! So excited! Now I have to take that CPR class. So much other stuff to do!!! I'll be looking into loans and daycare soon!
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    Yay I'm so happy for everyone that's gotten in so far! I cannot wait to meet my Baltimore classmates in January! I was accepted to a few others programs before this but my excitement really didn't compare to that of getting in to UMB. When they called they told me they would be sending out packets in the near future...I'm anxious to get started with everything that needs to get done and feel that getting this will make everything more real. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everyone still waiting to hear!
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    Grey Lady,
    Do you know if they try and make all the calls by the end of this week since they have already started? Or will it go into next week?

    Congrats to all who got in!
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    Has anyone heard anything for the CNL program?
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    Quote from AmesRT6510
    Grey Lady,
    Do you know if they try and make all the calls by the end of this week since they have already started? Or will it go into next week?

    Congrats to all who got in!
    They will try to contact everyone by phone today but it takes time so it may go into next week. There are likely a few more whose status has not yet been changed so it's not yet over!
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    Okay, I'll be at the Shady Grove campus! Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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    Ahh, this is tough waiting when so many have found out! I take it the decisions will overlap into Monday
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    Into Monday?! I agree, this is tough. Will the status change too if we are not accepted? Or do we need to wait for a letter?
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    It will change regardless if accepted, rejected or wait listed.
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    My status actually changed a couple weeks ago to admit-institution, but then went back to the ready for review status. I suppose it could be worse, but it is still concerning.
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    I have a question for Grey Lady,

    I have been accepted for the Spring 2013 Semester. I applied for the Baltimore location and when I received a call I was told the Baltimore location is where I've been accepted. I received my letter in the mail today and it says Shady Grove Center. Do you know the likely hood of the letter possibly be incorrect? Has this ever happened to anoyone before. please help...