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    Quote from TElyse
    It appears as if I didn't make the cut. Life goes on, though!

    Congratulations to all of you who were accepted!!
    Sorry to hear...I hope you get in somewhere else. I am still waiting as it still says "Committee Ready". Good Luck

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    I'm sorry to hear that, but don't give up so easily! Committee ready does not mean you were rejected. Keep us posted, our fingers are crossed for you!
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    congrats to all that got it this round!

    to those that did not get the news that they were hoping for- chin up it sometimes take a few rounds to get in. Chin up and keep up the good work.
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    I received my call yesterday...will be attending the Baltimore campus. Good luck to everyone!
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    Did everyone who got in get a phone call? Cause I didn't, but it says I got in.
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    Mines still says commitee ready...
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    hey guys! this is my first post but i've been following this thread since it started lol. I applied for traditional BSN spring 2011 at baltimore campus. I just want to share the news that I got in too (it's a provisional-admit though, I am currently finishing up my electives at AACC)! I just found out a few minutes ago and I immediately went straight to this site to see if you guys heard from UMB as well.
    CONGRATULATIONS to all who got in as well! and i'll keep my fingers crossed to those who are still waiting for decision. I look forward to meeting you all!
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    Quote from beetsme67
    Hi Grey Lady,

    I was wondering if you could give any advice to students who have been accepted. What are some things we can do to prepare for school?
    Congratulations! After you have sent in your deposit and acceptance of offer form, you will receive a packet from the Office of Admissions with a whole lot of things to do and that will also trigger the start of many emails from me. If you want to get ahead, however, there are a couple of things you can do. One is to get CPR certification but it has to be American Heart Association or American Red Cross, Professional Health Care Provider or Professional Rescuer. There will be CPR classes offered for new students at Shady Grove in December and those dates will be sent to you. The other thing is to start getting your immunizations. The form you will need to use is on the UMB website and is called Student Report of Medical History Form. It will list all the immunizations we require including two (yes two) TB skin tests within the last 12 months. The form will be included in your packet but you could look at it and start getting any immunizations you are missing. The other think is to make sure you can attend both days of Orientation. It would not hurt to review your Anatomy and Physiology and maybe even look at some medical terminology websites. But the main thing is to start finishing up any loose ends of your life - paint the porch, organize stuff, buy gifts and cards, and generally set yourself up to do nothing but school for the next two years. And read blogs from students on this site, of course.
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    Hi Grey Lady,

    Was wondering if you know when MS applicants will find out if they have be admitted?

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    Congrats to you all for getting in, I hope I can be in your shoes for fall 2011.

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