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After following the Fall '09 thread with great interest, I thought it might be time to start a new thread for the Spring '10 applicants since we're inching closer to the Sep 1 deadline. I have a... Read More

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    Thanks for asking that question I was wondering the same thing=) congrats to everyone who has been accepted and good luck for the ones still waiting!
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    Thanks... I rather mail them myself so I know I put them in the mail.
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    I mailed 2 myself and had 1 mailed by the teacher. I just checked in periodically to see if she had sent it yet.
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    Is there a link for Fall 2010, BSN and CNL Hopefuls? If not, is it too early to start one?
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    I don't think it's too early i'm applying for the fall 2010 semester BSN program! I'm turning everything in next month I just can't decide which campus to attend tho....
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    Definitely start a new thread....I literally just applied for Spring November 20th....and people found out a few days after that. I'm waitlisted for Spring which I can't believe!!!! Probably won't get in until fall so we should definitely start a thread! I'm sure we'll all be there come September (which seems SO far by the way). I wish I could just start in January because I don't have any classes to finish. Grrr
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    Good for you mhinds12 I have a few more classes between the spring and summer session next year! Hopefully you wil get in for spring 2010! Good luck again!
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    Ok... New thread started: UMB 2010 Fall Applicants (BSN and CNL)