Student Nurse Externship vs. Student Nurse Residency?

  1. 0 Today I went to a discussion about the UMMC's summer externship program. Apparently it's a residency program? It just seems so amazing with what you do and that you will be exposed to. I didn't think about UMMC at all because of the drive it would be for me once I'm back at home during the summer... But it'll be 3 days a week so I figured that's okay to handle since gas is cheaper now and they pay $15 with 15% night differentials. I'm obviously not in it for only the money, the experience they seem to promise is breath taking.

    You are also required to take various classes and keep journals on your experience. Is this the same for other externships also?

    Anyway, does anyone have expereince with this program? Is this different from other externship programs? Before coming to this meeting I had my mind set on going to Washington Hospital Center for the location and other great things I've heard. I know I'm still going to apply to both but they kept stressing on how we won't be a student nurse, we'll be a student nurse resident and will get to do more than a student nurse (is that what you are when you apply to other externships?) and techs.
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    That program is excelllllllllentttt!!! I completed it this last summer!! It is a wonderful exp. You will feel like a RN after you finished!!! I wish you luck If u have any questions PM me!
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    I'm pretty sure you are attending UMB. Is that program at UMMC open to students outside of UMB? Also, after which semester are you eligible to participate?

    I'm just beginning, but sooo looking forward to these wonderful opportunities and challenges.

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    I go Coppin!!!
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    I do go to UMB but it's offered for everyone. But they do mention that they give UMB students a better chance of getting in and choosing the units. They also mention that JHU students are also prioritized. Last year it was 100 applicants, 60 got interviews and 40 got hired.
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    Is this residency only for 4 year college students? Where can I find information? Thanks
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    Hi Lonestar,
    I did this program this summer. The training and opportunities are excellent!!! You essentially are doing a practicum in the unit. You do the nurses job, preceptor one on one. They also offer additional training and special guest lecturers throughout the summer. By the end of the program I was doing everything the nurse does, putting in IVs, drawing blood, completing assements preparing meds doing all documentation, giving report etc in a critical care environment. I was hired at Hopkins and chose this opportunity instead due to the preceptor like opportunity. IT WAS EXCELLENT !! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who can get in. PM if yoiu have any questions! Good luck!
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    thanks for the link lonestar88!!
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    This program is only for 3rd year BSN students, but they accept students from DC, MD, VA, and PA. There were students from UMB, JHU, Stevenson, Salisbury, Coppin, York and Liberty (the first 3 had the most contingent). I attended this program and you get to work in a preceptored and structured externship. I had my placement in a critical care unit and got invited to work in another unit after the program ended as a student nurse. But even though you are in a PCT capacity, the nurses will treat you as one of them and will let you do nursing skills sans giving meds. It is also easier to be accepted in the Clinical Scholars Program at UMMC if you're a former student nurse resident because it is handled by the same people that run the residency program. SO if you are really interested and wants to increase nursing skills 100 fold, go for it! you can PM me for more details. This is a very competitive program so good grades and good recommendations are necessary.
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    so ADN students dont have a chance?
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    Did any one do clinical scholars at UMMC? If so how did you feel about the commitment? What unit do you work on? How do you like working at UMMC?
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    If you think you are staying for awhile why not sign for the clinical scholars? Commitment varies from 12 month to 18 months depending on amount of grant. Personally 18 months is not that long especially for a new grad as you're just getting your feet wet. There's so much to learn within a year, especially in critical care areas. And as per policy now, you could only operate/attend training for CRRT after a year of service. This is a very valuable skill to learn. I got out after >18 months (due to family situation) and was immediately hired by another teaching hospital here in PA. UMMC is the way to go. Pt acuity is really high, although my old unit there don't do trauma cases but here in PA I get multi-trauma, in addition to surgical cases. But I got a really good knowledge base in UMMC. Good luck on your decision

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