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I'm currently a pre-nursing student at a local cc and hoping to start at UMD spring 10.

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  1. Am also interested! Currently an FNP student with expected graduation of 6/2016. Have 3 years ER nursing experience. Have always thought about joining the military and that looming student loan debt is making it even more tempting. Am a single mother...
  2. NP residency/fellowship

    Can you share the programs you have found? I will be graduating next year but looking ahead into these programs.
  3. I am currently a team nurse in my community clinic (which is implementing PCMH). I am in the beginning stages of starting a diabetes self-management education program with group medical visits in my clinic. Looking for tips or advice? My idea for th...
  4. ER or clinic experience

    I'm starting a FNP program part-time this fall. It will take 3 years to finish. I plan to continue to work in that period, at least until I start the clinical portion. I have 1 year in an adult emergency department and have an offer to work as a RN i...
  5. 2013 GWU FNP Program

    I applied to UMD for adult np but will be going to GWU. I live in Montgomery County, MD. Plan to work fulltime and go part time.
  6. 2013 GWU FNP Program

    I'm going part time. Have you heard anything a out the program? Know anyone who's gone thru it?
  7. 2013 GWU FNP Program

    Part-time. You? Have you heard anything of the program or know anyone who's gone thru it?
  8. 2013 GWU FNP Program

    Just got my email today... I'm accepted!!!
  9. 2013 GWU FNP Program

    I submitted the day before deadline. You?
  10. 2013 GWU FNP Program

    I'm still waiting to hear back over here. Received an email that said my application was in the process of being reviewed by the committee. Jmunsg2010 How did you get word of your acceptance?
  11. I will be traveling to El Salvador for a week in November to visit old family and would love to volunteer while I am there. I am an ER nurse at a large inner-city ER; ACLS certified; fluent in spanish. Would anyone be able to pass along contact infor...
  12. Student Nurse Externship vs. Student Nurse Residency?

    Did any one do clinical scholars at UMMC? If so how did you feel about the commitment? What unit do you work on? How do you like working at UMMC?
  13. Sinai Hospital??

    Was there a reason you were looking at Sinai over UMMC? How did things end up working out for you???
  14. Information about USPHS working at NIH?

    Did you get any of your questions answered? Also in the MD/DC area.
  15. Encouraging signs! Is job situation improving?

    Kina21, do you mind saying which local program you graduated from?