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  1. scrub<3

    Student Nurse Externship vs. Student Nurse Residency?

    Did any one do clinical scholars at UMMC? If so how did you feel about the commitment? What unit do you work on? How do you like working at UMMC?
  2. scrub<3

    Sinai Hospital??

    Was there a reason you were looking at Sinai over UMMC? How did things end up working out for you???
  3. scrub<3

    Information about USPHS working at NIH?

    Did you get any of your questions answered? Also in the MD/DC area.
  4. scrub<3

    Encouraging signs! Is job situation improving?

    Kina21, do you mind saying which local program you graduated from?
  5. Has anyone heard anything concerning the patho exam? Same date or is it being postponed?
  6. Oh ok ya just checked my e-mail guess it was taken down again...
  7. The quiz is up guys.
  8. yea I use the code that was posted on black board. My Nursing lab Course ID: CRSCD65-229020
  9. So the patch goes on the right side on the top and ... the left arm of the lab coat? am I right? ... I couldn't find the directions for the lab coat in the handbook.
  10. I was able to sign into my blackboard account but there are no courses up. Did you guys figure out how to view the courses?
  11. PDAs have been mentioned on different threads on this site... should I be saving up for one? Do you current nursing students at UMD find them necessary? Do most students have them?
  13. If you pull the list up on the UMD of Baltimore bookstore site, there are a more items on the list. I think it's just because the Baltimore bookstore has more items in stock. http://umb.bncollege.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/BNCBHomePage?storeId=34553&catalogId=10001&langId=-1 There is even an extra book that is "required" that came up on the Baltimore list.... for SG1 students. I too will be attending the shady grove campus, I just happen to pull the list up on the umd bookstore site and noticed the difference. **Makes things more complicated than it needs to be. But oh well.
  14. Also guys Allheart.com is having doing a 25$ off 119$. If you buy your steth and uniforms now you can save some money. http://www.allheart.com/
  15. Well I went to the book store today and the first one is just the book and the second one is a package with the required text book, extra books and the access code for mynursinglab. THe guy at the store said most students buy the big 215$ package since buying the book and access code for mynursinglab separately would end up costing around the same as the package.