Soon to be new GN moving to Baltimore... Any advice? Soon to be new GN moving to Baltimore... Any advice? | allnurses

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Soon to be new GN moving to Baltimore... Any advice?

  1. 0 Hi! I'm a soon to be GN (woooooo whooooo!) and my fiance and I will be moving to Baltimore soon. We really would like to find a nice area in the city to live and I have no idea where to even start looking! I'm also looking for any advice on what hospitals are great to work for! I'm hoping to get into a pediatric or neonatal ICU/ intermediate care unit.... Thanks for the help!!!!
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    Welcome to the family, best wishes to you.
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    Union Memorial hospital is an awesome place to work. check it out.
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    mt. washington is a good pediatric hospital in baltimore.
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    No way man. Mt. Washington is understaffed and gives average/fair care. however if you are interested in working there and you want to be a peds nurse why not, they could probably use all the help they can get especially if you have an interest. B-

    PS how do i know about the Mount?? My niece was there for two months. I spent a lot of time visiting and observing.
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    i had a clinical rotation there and the unit i was on was good, in my opinion. the nurses i worked with were great. sorry your experience was not a good one, bernadette.
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    There are lots of great areas in Baltimore, especially if you're like me and love old houses and great architecture. There are also a ton of new developments outside of the city if that's more your thing. Welcome to Baltimore!
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    I graduated in May and I work in PEDS. I work at UMMS (University of MD Medical Center). We have a PEDS IMC and PICU. The orientation is 12 weeks. I work in GEneral Peds unit. I have enjoyed my experience thus far. Hope everything works out.