Nursing JOB shortage in Maryland!

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    Been working ICU, cardiothoracic and addictions, community liaison, case management, home and community care but opened my own business for 3 years (stopped nursing) and nothing but crickets for jobs out there. This has never happened! I've got an app with gov't but maybe 2 months to complete their security checks (I won out of 50 others but not fast enough). Not enough recent exp for agency now i'm panicking!

    Never been in this situation in my life! I'm willing to drive 2 hours to work (I'm in the Baltimore area). I've always been asked to work for places...never had to look...been "stolen" from job to job for 2 decades since I was 23.

    Everyone wants 2 years recent experience (recent recent) or masters degree (I'm not done with my Bachelors to Masters yet...need a job to restart and finish)

    Any suggestions?

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    I don't have any great tips on what you can do to be considered "re-experienced" for lack of better words, but for a short term paycheck, perhaps you can look into flu clinics at the health depts, etc. good luck!
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    Maybe you could look into staffing/recruiting agencies in your area or browse online. With your expperience you could also consider travel nursing or home health, private duty, etc. Or you could teach while finishing your masters.

    Good Luck!
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    Have you tried applying for psych positions?
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    I've got 40 resumes out there. Everyone wants one recent (of the past 3 years) experience so no one is hiring. I've got 7 psych applications out there. Been going on since August....
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    last I checked Harbor Hospital was still hiring for ICU and Tele
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    Thanks! JHH said they want my most recent year to be ICU or pull floor duty. I emailed and asked if she had ANYTHING but no response yet. Bon Secours said no..flat no for anything. No one else has responded except the government jobs and they're not easy to get in to.

    Still awaiting my govt application but maybe another month. I'll apply to Harbor then
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    good luck!!!
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    thank you kindly!
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    Shady Grove in Rockville has some openings for experienced RNs. Many of the positions I saw didn't specify how recent the experience needed to be.

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