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Hello Maryland nurses :) I'm from the Boston area, graduating with my ADN in May. I applied for the JHH clinical nurse residency program and I just got contacted for an interview! I don't know when it will be yet but I'm very... Read More

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    Pokytrokyt, thanks for the info! sorry for the late reply.

    For everyone that has applied and gone on to interview, what was your timeline like? From applying to hearing from the recruiters to actually interviewing? Have they said when you guys will hear back decisions?

    Any help would be great, thanks guys!

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    1/29: applied for a position
    2/8: heard back from nurse recruiter
    2/10: interview scheduled (at my convenience, within 2-3 weeks)
    3/8: interview
    3/22: was told I'd hear back from them in about 2 weeks.

    Still haven't heard back but it hasn't been long enough to start calling.
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    Hey everyone! I'm back home from my interview and I think it went well. I didn't go bad so I hope I did enough to impress the nurse manager.

    So basically my interview was the same format as SBoston06's interview. Started out with the nurse recruiter which lasted roughly 1/2 hour. Then I was walked to my floor where I met with the nurse manager for about an hour. It was not intimating at all. She started off with the "why hopkins" and "why peds" type questions. Then I was given a priority questions. Like what order would I see the patients and why. (All those sample nclex questions helped with this). This was followed by many behavioral questions.The manager then explained how the floor worked in terms of team nursing. She asked if I had questions and I did so we went over them. I was interviewing for 2 floors so I had 2 hours of share time on each floor. The nurses were both great. They didn't ask me any clinical questions, but kept asking me if I had questions. Both great experiences! I was at the hospital for a total of 6 hours.

    I found Hopkins to be like any other hospital that I have worked at in terms of the technology and stuff but what I LOVED was the support they have for nurses. There are so many people there to help you and everyone on the floors were really nice and friendly. In those terms I think it would be a excellent place to work because you would happier at your job, hence providing better care. The manager said she would call me later this week so I hope she has good news.

    Good luck to everyone applying to Hopkins or any other hospital. I know its tough being a new grad, but keep trying and literally check everyday if you have too.
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    In terms of how long it took to get to this point...

    11/20 - turned in my first application
    12/10 - got rejected
    1/31 - application round 2
    2/3 - heard back from the nurse recruiter
    2/16 - interview scheduled
    3/25 - interview at Hopkins

    Its been a long process, but I've been patient this long so I'm gonna continue to wait it out as long it takes.
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    Congrats and thanks for answering my questions! Good luck sweetie85!

    Are both of you graduated and licensed? I'm just curious since I'm still in school, and won't be done until July. So I'm just wondering if my timeline might be a little different (that is if I can even get me application in!)
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    Could you guys share the website you are looking at for JHH jobs?
    Did you guys choose a specific location?
    The Johns Hopkins Hospital; Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center; Howard County General Hospital; Sibley Memorial Hospital; Suburban Hospital
    I am still confused as I am wondering if there is a way to apply to all locations.
    You guys that have been interviewed selected a location?
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    jnak: I am a senior in my BSN program currently doing pediatrics. I will graduate May 7, 2011!

    army: I applied to the main JHH in Baltimore for a nurse clinician I position. I wanted to work in pediatrics and when I looked there was a pediatric position open at the website. The nurse recruiter then contacted me to further specify which floor I was interested in. Hope that helps.
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    sweetie85, thanks for the info! That's great that they are already interviewing for people graduating in the summer.

    I'll be graduating in July and I am primarily interested in adult critical care, so I'll have to keep my fingers crossed for new job postings.
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    Sweetie85 Thank you for your info!
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    No problem! Glad I could help with info. I know how hard it can be to get sometimes. Good luck!

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