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Howard Community College Fall 2011

  1. 1 Hi, Just wanted to see if there was anyone else out there that was attending HCC in the fall.
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    I am. I am starting the nursing program there this fall.
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    Does anyone know if there are 2 waitinglist..I-county and Out-of county?
    I heard there are 2 which is frustrating... I'm out of county and on the waiting list... arrrgh
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    I am also waitlisted and am out of county. I think it is 2 waitlist but they are for day program and night/weekend program.. I was #7 for night/weekend when they first sent letters, 2 months later and I am just #6, don't think I will be getting in this year. Robin Becker says that the chances are only 30% based on last year that they will get that far down on the waiting list. The only good thing is that their waiting list rolls over to the next year.

    To me that is a rejection for this year making mine a total of 4. I can lol now but yesterday I was crying.
    Good Luck to you!
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    I too am starting the day program at HCC. Have you gotten your notice about the August 22 mandatory orientation? It is now within the time envelope for the drug screening requirement. Will do that next week when I return to Maryland. Best to all on the wait list. Hope to see you.
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    I am re-entering the program in August (2011) for RN day - (just received my letter this week) and know a lot has to happen in a short amount of time. Anyone up for studying over the next month to get a jump on Med Surg? (135)
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    I'm going into my last semester this fall. I'm super excited. I'm taking 235 and 236. Can't wait !!!
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    I'm starting the evening program this fall. I'm getting pretty darn excited! I was waitlisted for a year and I am in county. The wait goes by fast!
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    Me too , im in the lpn program. So excited and ready.
    Finished all the paperwork and drug/background screening .

    I got confused though about the orientaion , lost my letter and not sure if lpn evening/weekend orientation on the
    18th or 19th of august.
    Anyone knows?