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Does anyone have any experience with the program at FCC? I am currently taking my pre-req's now and I'm worried about getting in. They keep raising the GPA every year, now it's a 3.39 min. and you can only apply once a year as... Read More

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    ladies and gents

    i have not read the replies to this thread so i apologize if i am repeating. however, i have just (yesterday) graduated from this program and i know how hard it is to get in, but i honestly cannot even imagine one negative comment to say about it. the women that run this program are the most amazing, intelligent and inspiring women i have ever met. itís hard to get into, but thatís bc the program is hard. the gpa required is much higher than when i applied but there is a reason that this program is known as one of the very best. you will be the best when youíre done and capable of running circles around others, in my opinion. hang in there, stay consistent. when youíre done, it will be bitter sweet. knowing that you arenít in the security that the amazing instructors offer is scarey but the baby ducks have to jump out of the nest at some point right? good luck on your journey, its hard and it stinks but it is worth it! promise!!!!


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    Congrats on graduating! That's so exciting! I hope you find the perfect job for you!
    I have heard really good things about the program and I'm glad to hear that it's as good as what I've been told. I just hope the gpa doesn't keep going up so much that I don't qualify for when I go to apply in 2 years.
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    Thanks for the encouraging post, Newnurse! Perhaps you could keep us posted on your job search now? I would love to hear from someone local.
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    Thank you ladies! Good luck to you as well!

    I will be happy to keep you updated on the job hunt. I have sent several resumes out but in this day and age it is all about facetime and who you know and going into finals my husband and I decided we would wait to stress about the job hunt. (it can be very time consuming)

    I dont know what your family situation is like but I do recommend you get your CNA when you finish your first year. Already working for a hospital or doctors office can go a long way when its time to be hired as an RN. I personally, with my kids, couldnt find time to juggle a job with home and school, but if you can I would suggest it. (but by all means dont jeapordize your grades for it!!!)


    PS use and abuse jan term classes! they are long but bring 3 credits in two weeks! :-)
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    Yes, I did my Group Discussion class (CMSP 105) this past Jan term. And I plan on taking Medical Terminology this upcoming Jan Term, then the Dosage Calculation one Jan '12 right before I (Lord willing) begin nursing school in the spring semester of '12. The 5 and 8 week long summer classes are a time saver as well.

    I am torn about working as a CNA during nursing school. I don't think I will be able to swing working, as I homeschool two of our children during the day and will be taking my nursing classes evenings/weekends. I would not see my husband very much if I worked in the evenings and after school on the weekends. I have a very flexible part-time retail job right now that I am planning on quitting once I begin nursing school. But I am trying to get into the ER at FMH as a volunteer one evening a week (which is where I would love to work one day).
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    Isn't doing a 15 weeks course in 2 weeks kind of crazy? How can you possibly learn all that is such a short period of time? Do you go to school all day every day? I've never really thought about doing it.
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    Yes, the Jan Term classes are a bit nuts! My Group Discussion class was about 4 hours a day for two weeks, then of course had to read the chapters at night, there were two reports to type, plus group projects that had to be done outside of class. I was highly motivated and it worked well for me.

    BI 55 is offered as a Jan Term class, and I told Professor Dormo I would CRY if I had to learn everything in that class in two weeks, and he said it is a good chance for students who did poorly to retake it and improve their grade.

    It would also be a good opportunity to get an Art credit or the Body Mechanics class out of the way (hardly any homework), but yes, a class with a lot of outside reading and other assignments is time consuming, but hey, in two weeks you're DONE.
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    What body mechanics class?
    I could see it for speech or something like that though.
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    You need one PE credit, and the website (have you looked at the nursing prereq flow chart? recommends PE 108 (Body Mechanics). During the school year it is only a 5 week class, once a week. But it is also offered a few times a week during the J-term.

    It focuses mostly on the spine, posture, lifting and turning patients, proper positioning for lifting heavy items, and heart rate (we did some aerobics during one class and tried out the exercise equipment).

    Here is the description from the website:

    Body Mechanics
    Examines the application of physical laws to the human body at rest or in motion, including concepts of effective, efficient and aesthetic postures, both static and dynamic. Emphasizes joint motions, care of the back and components of fitness including body compositions, flexibility, strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance.
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    Oh yes I do remember seeing that. I took self defense for women a while back and it counts. I did get a C in it but I don't need to retake anything because it isn't counted in the nursing gpa I don't think. It does look interesting though.

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