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Hey everyone :) Just have a general question. I am changing my major from business :rolleyes: to nursing and wanted to know if Coppin State's Nursing School was any good. My aunts went there and seemed to enjoy it. I... Read More

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    Quote from Iwantobeanurse
    I think the program is great, but not perfect. They do have a rigorous program where as the main to do is study and keep up. I am starting the spring sophomore classes which for me is 4 nursing classes and microbiology. Microbiology is thankfully my last non nursing course. Good luck and stay focus.
    Thanks for the response. I think a lot of us were dying to know what it was like at Coppin. Getting into the program is pretty straight forward and simple and I, personally, wanted to know is it worth it. I hear a lot of bad things about Coppin but I'll still continue on my way. Thanks for commenting on your experience and when/if I get accepted I will surely do my part and study. After all who expects to pass Nursing School without cracking open a book?

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    Does coppin offer evening classes. I work a full-time job
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    In the first year of the program you can do the non-clinical courses in the evening. The junior and senior year the classes are taught in the daytime.
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    I am a junior nursing student at Coppin and like someone said previously it has its ups and downs. I will tell u this, Coppin's nclex scores may be low BUT dont think its all because of the school. Nursing school is difficult and Coppin's program is no different. Coppin's professors make u work for everything and wont spoon feed u any information. The resources are there and if a student refuses to take full advantage of them he or she will definitely fail. Coppin is one of the easiest programs in Maryland to get into but it is hard to stay in if you dont put in the work. Every nurse I have come across that graduated from Coppin State were excellent nurses and knew their stuff.
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