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Hello Everyone, I am applying to the CCBC Essex nights and weekends program for the fall of 2012. I am hearing all the stories about those either getting in or rejected for the Spring day program. Wanted to maybe start a... Read More

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    No she didn't say anything else but I also didn't tell her I couldn't see the status... She just told me that she was updating them on Simon and that we could see the status soon. So if that's what she told you than it's probably right. I thought since she was updating them and the status would be available that that applied to everyone - so I didn't think to ask her about it. So we may just have to wait until the letters come out.

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    That sucks. Oh well. Would have been nice to be able to stalk the application status. Lol
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    At least I know to stop stalking my application status...I've been logging onto Simon like mad checking to see if it shows up yet.
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    Lmao. Me too. What are we gonna do. Are we literally waiting till mid may for letter? I need to do something. I'm not even taking a class next semester. Ahhhhh!!! I'm gonna go mad!!!!
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    Hey everyone...I was in your boat around this time last year. I applied and got into the Fall/2011 day program. The waiting was horrible and ours was actually delayed for two weeks because there were so many applicants. I just wanted to tell everyone to hang in there and TRY to be patient. From what I was told, they look at the TEAS test score and how many pre-reqs you took at CCBC. Good Luck to everyone who applied...HANG IN THERE!!!
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    Thanks for your insight. I think we are all hanging in there it's just when you apply this early the decision seems to be a lifetime away, especially when you can't even view your application online. I just wish I had more detail on how they access the TEAS and the statistics on them. I'm definitely over thinking it though! LOL
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    So treefrog, what do you think of the program so far? Classes, clinicals, teachers? How did you do in your first semester?
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    Hi Treefrog :0)

    Thanks.. being patient is hard. I need to be sedated until about sometime in May when letters come out.

    It's good to hear about someone actually getting in. POSITIVE things instead of hearing negative. :spin:

    I also would love to hear how the program has been so far. Please - do tell. LOL!
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    That's hysterical Lauri about being sedated. So true. I know I can't see my application online yet I catch myself checking anyway...insanity is kicking in!!!!
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    it does seem a lifetime away, but once everything starts happening it will fly by. the program is really good, i like it. i won't lie, it is tough and requires a lot of ur time but for the most part the teachers are great. the students are awesome as well and always willing to help each other. i truly hope each of u gets accepted, my only advice is just try to be patient, as tough as i know that is. ccbc tends to do things on its own time as im sure most of u know

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