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Hello Everyone, I am applying to the CCBC Essex nights and weekends program for the fall of 2012. I am hearing all the stories about those either getting in or rejected for the Spring day... Read More

  1. by   Sarbear19
    Ok theres only 3 days left in April! Even though I'm sure we wont find out for another 2 weeks I'm still holding on to hope that they will put it on simon next week. Anyone talk to the office at all about the process and how they are coming along?
  2. by   Djsage13
    Tell me about it. I'm stalking my Simon account. I was waiting to see who's gonna be the first to call them. I think someone needs to call if we don't hear by Friday!!!!
  3. by   lshiflett
    Hi Everyone!

    I applied for the Fall 2012 day program @ CCBC..I am so anxious to find out if I got in. Goodluck to everyone!! Has anyone else applied for the day program @ ccbc?? I am just curious how many applicants there have been...
  4. by   rngraduate2014
    @ ishiflett I applied to day at Catonsville.
  5. by   nps07
    I applie to day cat as well
  6. by   Sarbear19
    I also applied to Catonsville day....I actually am moving much closer to Essex now. Does anyone know how they are about transfering schools? At this point I dont care Ill drive 1000 miles just to get into school but it would be nice to have a shorter commute. Thanks ahhh its getting closer!!!
  7. by   Jamie87
    Hi! I applied to Essex N/W and am so nervous about hearing back. Luckily I applied to three different schools after getting rejected by FCC N/W last semester and I got into the first two but Essex is my #1 since I would be able to keep my current job and have insurance, etc. So even though I am nervous I am happy I am not counting on this one school like a lot of people are. If I don't get in I will probably just end up at UMSON which I got accepted to for fall. Good luck to everyone and I can't wait to see what happens!
  8. by   DanaM
    I am not too sure how many people applied but from what I have heard its in the 500+ range most semesters which seems like an awful lot being only a small few get accepted. I wish everyone the best of luck. DJsage, since I haven't called the office for anything yet I will be the first if I don't see or hear anything by Friday and post here letting you all know. Its down to the wire...I've got my fingers crossed for all of us and I am looking forward to spending the next couple years together if we get accepted!
  9. by   Djsage13
    That would be great Dana. Btw my name is Greg. I sure hope we all are gonna take this journey together. And I heard the same thing that Dana did. That there are about 500+ but of course that includes Catonsville and Essex day, Essex nights and the online hybrid. Now out of those 500 I don't think all have met the pre reqs. I think I've heard for the nights and weekends it's something like 100.
  10. by   TdavisRN2014
    Hi everyone. I actually applied for the essex day program. I called the office to see if they were still on track for letters to be mailed out early may and they hopefully by the 15 th but at the latest the end of May. I think that they just say that so that no one bugs them. From reading previous boards, letters arrived for previous years between the 6 and the 11 of May. At any rate, we should know anytime now. Good Luck.
  11. by   Sarbear19
    thanks tdavisrn2014 ! i would love to find out right before the 15th. if i dont get in i am taking my a&pii over this summer and the class starts june 4th so i just need to know before then. does anyone know if you are wait listed how long that takes before you know if you in?
  12. by   rngraduate2014
    From what I have gaithered the pool of applicants for this program is very deep and selective. I wish everyone good luck
  13. by   binnyblonde
    Oh come on already CCBC! I went to my mailbox and seriously just about had a heart attack when I saw a piece of junk mail that had something on it resembling the CCBC emblem! I thought it was my letter....ggggrrrrrrr! Bummer!

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