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Cambridge Healthcare

  1. 0 Hi there!

    I am a foreign nurse aspiring to go to America. Can anyone tell me of any information about Cambridge Healthcare? It's base is in MD. I would like to know if it's a good agency. I believe they're somewhere in Baltimore.

    Thanks a lot.
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    hi terebong.. it's been a month since your last message..have you signed with cambridge healthcare? Well, I did (June 26), and just like you, I'm asking around if theye indeed were able to send any Pinoy to US thru H1B non-cap.. Glad to know I'm not alone.
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    Can one of the mods move this to the international forum? last time i checked, english was the language allowed on the boards but for the sake of those of us who have no business with this, please, someone move this to the international forum.
    I'm sure the OP will get more responses there.
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    Ooops.. got carried away. Thanks for remindin. To terebong, we might as well start a new thread in the international forum, but still ELO (English language only), or thru PM. Got new messages for you there.
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    hi! thank u for all the info. Lets just hope for the best.....
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    Any news from Cambridge?
    Just got email from them.
    Hope to hear from u soon.
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    hello everyone!

    My boyfriend also signed for cambridge healthcare with ABBA as his agency. He has received a couple of emails from them regarding employment offers. He recently signed another contract for a specific job offer from an employer client of cambridge. He is now still waiting for further instructions from ABBA and Cambridge.

    To those who also signed for Cambridge Healthcare: Please share some updates.

    Thanks in advance!

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    hi thistle.. any updates from cambridge? is your bf's employer fmc? abba is also my agency and i am awaiting further instructions from them. lets hope for the best..
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    hello everyone! for those who signed for cambridge kindly send updates about your application.. i was given modules to read with posttest evaluation form which i answered and sent back to them in preparation for the training program. also they sent me additional information about the job description of my proposed work with fmc.I will get my work address soon although nothing was mentioned about the visa processing .. i am hoping to hear from you guys!!
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    Hi! I am in the same situation. Any update from the others?
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    I went to abba last week and they told me that cambridge is offering h1b visas for nurses provided that we are working in a specialized unit. they also told me that the fastest way to secure an interview with the employer is to undergo training in hemodialysis. even for just 6 months, you are qualified for an interview. i would like to know if they're really deploying nurses under the non-cap h1b. please share updates. thanks nurses. God bless.
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    hello! i'm just a new member of this forum but i always read posts from here.. i'm also an applicant for cambridge and just recently submitted my documents to them. I was told my employer would be fmc and they'll file my h1b petition on april 1st. am still waiting for some feedbacks from them.. i want to be friends with you guys... i,m salve and currently working here in new zealand..
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    To Cambridge Healthcare Applicants:

    Pls. update me regarding your H1B applications. Are nurses who applied and now working in US under H1B visa at this time ? I would like to know also how long it would take the process.Thanks for replying,I am also an applicant who was hired recently by the same company.