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Hey guys, I dont see many Coppin State University threads around. I wanted to know the opinion of students currently enrolled in the program both old and new. I'm currently enrolled in the new program (class 2014) and a lot of... Read More

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    Thanks williams3929 & williams3929. I did notice changes in the program based on the information on-line. I appreciate your comments..
    Every school has their issues but all in all Coppin has some instructors that care a lot and are willing and ready to be there fir their students

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    I wanted to know if anyone can please. What are they looking for when applying into the program. I am trying to apply for the fall 2013 and a little nervous
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    Make sure that you log on to website and check for requirements. The biggest thing is to have good grades. In my class they accepted student as low as 2.6. Because the new class is smaller the requirement will be higher. I do know you need to pass teas.
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    Hello. I'm a little late in the game, but I wanted to know how long did it take to find out you were accepted into the program or were asked to take the entrance exam? I really want to get in I just applied and feel like pins and needle. My gpa is 2.97 and that's not including what I will get this spring semester. I thank you in advance.

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