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I did my Acute care rotation there and was not thrilled with their med/surg unit ( in fact I'd go as far to say that the unit I was on horrifed me)....however I LOVED their NICU and their occupational therapy units - the new... Read More

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    I worked there many years ago. I loved it then. They were very fair re. compensation, but the work was hard. That was back when staffing was much better. I had peds and ob clinicals there which were good. I had med surg at Bon Secours and GBMC. Bon Secours was horrible 20 years ago. GBMC was pretty nice. Do they have any of these programs? How about somewhere like Howard County or Carroll County? They might be a little better. My sister has been a pt. in St. Agnes in the past 5 years. The care on the med-surg floor was okay. They were very busy though. It is sad to see. It was once a really good hospital w/ many loyal long-term employees.

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    i had my meeting today with hr and i am probably not taking the job. it sounds like they put you where they need you....and i am not thrilled with that. i have another friend doing a similar program at northwest and she loves it there...i think i will check it out.

    i have to say that northwest is the best hospital i've ever worked at.

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