Anyone heard any news?? Washington Adventist Hospital New Grad Program

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    I submitted my app & all requirements for the WAH new grad program, but still haven't heard back from them. Wondering if anyone else has heard anything??
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    Good luck! Hope they call you in very soon for an interview and offer!
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    I saw your comment about the WAH new grad program and wondered how you signed up for that? I haven't seen anything on their website about that. Thank in advance.
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    hi,what is the best way to study without not falling asleep.
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    They were talking about canceling it or postponing it
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    Quote from kdowns
    They were talking about canceling it or postponing it
    Yeah, my mom works there & a couple of techs on her floor that were supposed to start the program were informed that they would be postponing it.
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    I heard from the recruiter today. I will go for the pre hire exam before i can go in for an interview.
    How competitive is it to get in the new grad program? how is interview process?
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    Good luck to everyone applying!
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    Has anyone who applied to washington adventist heard from the recruiter? how is the intern exam?
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    Feeling very bad. Did not make it on the intern exam at Washington Adventist Hospital. But i believe in who knows. Apparently they are not letting the applicants re test since there is no time. Anyway, God knows my fate and where i will land a job.

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