Any new grads starting at Johns Hopkins Hospital in July?

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    Any other new grads/RNs out there starting at Johns Hopkins Hospital this July (SPRING program)? Anyone with insight into working at Johns Hopkins Hospital or living in Baltimore? Need advice on what apartment building to live in, or stay away from (I've seen some pretty bad reviews). Also, looking for a roommate! Look forward to hearing from you!

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    I used to work at Johns Hopkins and I dont like the apartments in the city. You are better off to get a place in the county. I started working there as a new grad in 2002 and they didnt have the SPRING program yet. I loved working there but currently travel nursing. What unit are you going to be working on? Just a heads up..July 1st is when the new interns come in. Dont let them intimidate you. I always dreaded July 1st. They are fresh out of medical school and just getting their license and tend to have attitudes. As far as apartments, there are a lot of nice ones in the county that arent too far away. What are some of the apartments you are considering? I lived there for 8 years and can help you out with the good and bad areas.
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    I have a friend that started last year and did the SPRING program - she loved it!

    I live in the city, in the neighborhood of Hampden. I'm in I guess the northeast part of the city. I don't know much about downtown and apartments in the city but I do know some about neighborhoods.
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    would you know if they are still hiring?
    can you give me a contact no ?
    thanks , pls pm me with any info you have im getting frustrated
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    Well, I'm kind of all over the place at this point, flip-flopping between the suburbs or the city. The buildings I've looked at so far have been in Mt. Vernon (Saratoga, the Standard, the Professional Arts Building, and the Fitzgerald); otherwise Fells Point but I need a roommate it seems. But I've never lived in a large city and have considered renting in Owings Mills or Randallstown and commuting in on the Metro. Just not sure, I'll check 'em out when I'm there for my health screening next week. I've heard the interns/residents on our unit are a little more cooperative and not there for too long. I'm really excited!
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    I started @ JH in APRIL and am just recently off of orientation. They just put a freeze out two weeks ago and have stopped hiring for now. As far as places to live goes; canton is very nice so is fells point. Both are very close to the hospital and convenient. hope this helps. If you need any more info just let me know
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    Thank you for sharing and congrats on both your hires!

    I am in the process of applying right now for this program and am crossing my fingers.
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    thekellyone and RNMAN,

    Do either of you mind briefly sharing what the timing of the year long orientation is like for the SPRING program? (For example, is it three 12 hour shifts per week like many hospital nursing shifts). I am trying to determine if moving to Baltimore will be necessary or if commuting will be ok.

    Any feedback is appreciated!

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    Hi! Congrats on the new job! I just got an interview with JH and don't know much about the area. I would appreciate if you could share your experience so far! So JH has orientation for new grads only in spring? Any tips for the interview will be appreciated as well. In their message they said for "Share Time" bring scrubs so I'm assuming it is shadowing? Thanks!!!
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    hi guys so here is some info:
    the spring program is just a acronym for their new grad program it isnt specific to any time of the year they run it every month. It really is a excellent program and they help you alot. They have a nurse eucator that is specific to you so that you can ask them any questions during the year. Believe me when I have been in a tough spot at work she has stood up for me.You are in the spring program for a year, and then you graduate. It is basically like the first month you go to class for a week. Then they stagger classes but it is usually just once a month you meet. Orientation time is different for every unit. My orientation time to the unit was only 6 weeks, but it just depends where you are some orientations are 3 months. no matter where you are you wont feel ready but you make it. As far as bringing scrubs in they ask all applicants to due this, they bring you to the unit and then a nurse brings you around. I was with my nurse for 4 hours. so the whole interview process and shadowing really is like a 8 hour day in total. they always ask the nurse that you shadow how you did, so put your best foot forward.

    in regards to time you spend at work Hopkins is on the professional model and unlike bayview we work 40 hours per week standard. You have to complete 240 hours in a 6 week period. Some units do self scheduling, where they pair you up with a NC3 and you chose a schedule that is best for you. Other units make the schedule for you (like mine) which can be less flexible and can require you to drive in more. So it really depends on what type of unit you are on...if you have anymore questions let me know!

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