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I just want to know what is the average GPA to get into the nursing program at aacc? I have a 3.3-3.4 but im not sure if thats good enough. Also, when are clinicals and classes and how long do they last? Will i be able to... Read More

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    to - peachysa
    you can take them concurrently - also you just need the basic non-credit chem class, i took it during the summer in a 6 or 8 week class, pretty simple, no lab is required - i think it is the same as rn where unless you are transferring to university you do not need the 4 credit general chemistry - pretty sure program is almost 2 years and in-tuition rate is about $86/credit and more for out of county, you will be out of county b/c you have to be a resident for a year to be considered in-county -- look at the website and you will get tons of info too, hth!

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