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Hey fellas, so just thought I'd see everyone else's thoughts on this? 1) WHY NURSING? 2) AGE? 3) LIFE GOAL AFTER NURSING? 1) I choose nursing to be a direct impact on people's lives and... Read More

  1. by   StayHumble11
    Quote from seahawksfanguy
    1) Pays well. Lots of options. I like human interactions and providing care. I also like to be challenged and learn a variety of things. It's not a boring career. Makes a difference. Scrubs solve the "what to wear today" scenario.

    2) 26

    3) Thinking about FNP, Pediatric NP, Diabetes Nurse Practitioner, Navy Nurse or NP, NICU Nurse, or Midwife.
    You made a good point with the scrubs comment! Man I'm looking forward to starting the nursing career haha. I'm thinking about maybe crna
  2. by   215dean
    I have been a carpenter for 25 years and always felt that something was missing. Then a few days before Christmas a few years ago I was picking up my daughter from a friends house and their grandmother started to fall down the stairs. I scooped her up and walked/carried her up the stairs, made her comfortable on her bed, moved her to the chair becouse she was SOB lying down. She stopped the EMTs while they were carting her out of the house so she could shake my hand. She died that night and I took a prep-cchem class that summer. Now I amd about to finish my second semester of Nursing school in the Philly area. I should have done this out of highschool I love it!
    2) 46 -Yea, old enough to be most of your dads.
    3) I got in thinking Hospice and Geri. Now ED and eventually teaching in nursing school, you know, when I'm too old to pick up little old ladies, I'm NFL size now.
    Fortunately, my wife and kids are very supportive and encouraging.
    See you on the floors!
  3. by   blwilliams10
    1.) I want to help people, feel accomplished when I go home from work, see my patients being comfortable, job security, opportunity to move where I want, and decent pay to name a few.

    2.) 19 yrs old

    3.) My goals are in a line: right now I'm working as a CNA while finishing a GenEd Associates that will be done in December 2014 then during August of 2014 I will be starting LPN classes. I am planning on working as a LPN then for at least a few years and then may take a LPN to RN program. If not I will stay an LPN.
  4. by   CALLmeRNaesthetics

    reason for nursing: women will mistake me for a doctor
  5. by   StayHumble11
    Quote from CALLmeRNaesthetics

    reason for nursing: women will mistake me for a doctor
    Haha..my boy
  6. by   thegreatcfrank
    1) Chose it because it's completely different than any other job in my family.
    3)Planning on being a CRNA after a year or two as a RN
  7. by   PatMac10,RN
    I'm so glad i made the decision to pursue nursing. I just found out I passed my NCLEX-RN today and my name is on the NCBON.
  8. by   zzbxdo
    1) Why nursing?
    A. Get myself some ladies!!... check. Met my girlfriend in school, 3+ years going strong despite annoying distances
    B. Nice pay. awesome benefits, 4 days off a week baby!
    C. Original goal is to become a CRNA/anesthesiology assistant. At least with nursing if I changed my mind in my near later life my gig would still be pretty sweet and I can change up where i work or what unit. That being said, I landed my first job in a BICU in and my goals are going as planned, even if I may delay it by a year or 2

    2) Age- 25

    3) Become a CRNA/DNP. Get myself an MBA later on in life, become a top dog and run wherever I work. Work hard in order to make more while working less.
  9. by   IThinkICan100
    1) I feel like God directed me into nursing. I originally wanted to go into medicine. I -instead- went to culinary school and landed a job as a nutritional aide in a hospital, working in the nutritional department, telemetry/med-surg, and rehab. I had a lot of fun working with the nurses, which helped me decided on going to school to be a nurse.

    2) 19 and should be starting nursing school this school year.

    3) After getting my BSN, I plan to work a few years - possibly in the nursing corps. Then I want to work on my DNP to get my CRNA license. I'm also considering med school. (We'll see!)
  10. by   Azuteor
    1) I was going back and forth between nursing and graphic designing. Everyone told me to make a career at what I'm good at and while I agree, I'd prefer not to struggle after graduating academia. My parents surprisingly didn't tell me to become one; instead, they just let me choose what I wanted to do. Both of my parents are nurses! So as a kid, I would hang out at their respective units after school throughout their entire shift. I chose to be a nurse because I looked up to my parents as superheroes. Plus, I think there is a sense of honor among nurses where they do good without expecting any sort of recognition. It's a humbling experience when a patient takes the time to thank you.

    2) I'm 21 years old.

    3) Unfortunately, I got dismissed from nursing school last semester. It sucks, yes, but I'm not giving up. Fortunately, my GPA didn't get hit hard. I also volunteer at a L&D unit for the summer so I can retain my basic nursing skills. I got my EKG Tech certification in a week (program is accredited ) as well and I'll be applying for positions in telemetry and ICU step down as a monitor tech. If I get a job, I'll work and gain experience while attending classes at my university towards a two year entry-level HIM/HIT masters program. Next summer, I'll go to dialysis technician school for three months.

    Hopefully, I'll be in an ADN program in Fall 2014 and finish Spring 2016. After that, make the transition back into a BSN program and kick its a** throughout the year I'm in it. This is basically my plan for me to mature and improve myself. If I'm unable to return to nursing school, I would already be pursuing HIM/HIT and have healthcare experience under my belt. After that, I can use the masters degree to bring me back into nursing if I want to.

    Depending on my path, I'll be 24 or 25!

    I'd definitely want to be in a cardiac unit and renal dialysis center so I can utilize my prior knowledge. Maybe even work with children so I can draw my patients as superheroes! Once I'm finally settled, I'll go back to school for a degree in graphic design/digital illustration.
  11. by   Ant24
    This is an awesome story and kudos to you for your ambitions!

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