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    I'm about to go through nurse aid training next quarter.(which is a step on my path to becoming an R.N.) I was wandering what shoes are the most comfortable. I must wear white for my clinicals and they may not be clogs. I will probably wait until the first day of class before I actually purchase any, just wondering if anyone has had any luck with a particlular brand? Does anyone know if Nike makes a shoe that would fit the "no canvas" rule? Finally, what are the best scrubs or least does anyone have a favorite? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Well what shoes are most comfortable for you now( what d youwear to work/school/sports etc..). buy those if you can
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    Nursemates are good for the price. Alot of people talk about new balance too. As far as scrubs go it depends on what you are comfortable in. Personally I like dickies scrubs. They are very comfortable and durable. They have some cute styles too. I really DON"T like landua or peaches scrubs. For me they are just not as durable or comfortable.
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    i used white leather nike shoks when i was in school.
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    I recommend New Balance; however, I have not been able to wear
    regular shoes for a while. We are required to wear Combat Boots.
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    Go retro. Adidas still makes their all-leather Superstar II and it's available with white stripes. They also still make the Stan Smith, an all white leather tennis court shoe. After a short break-in, they're remarkably comfortable, even by today's standards.
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    I have the pair of adidas mentioned above, I wear those to the gym. For school I wear Jordans (pricey I know) but they are high top, for the ankle support cuz I'm coming off of a knee injury and the last thing i wana do is roll my ankle causing my knee to slip.
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    Shoes, shoes, shoes - it depends. You will see a large percentage of nurses using Danskos. Yep, they cost a bunch. I bought a pair on sale, wore them through nursing school and years into practice. I still have them. Most athletic shoe manufacturers have walking shoes, which tend to be all leather. I've been using a pair of New Balance walking shoes, and they are great (I have wide feet.) So, whatever athletic shoe has been giving you a good fit (New Balance, Asics, Nike, Reebok, etc, etc), take a look to see if they have a walking shoe. As for scrubs, Dickies are pretty good. They make pants with thigh pockets, which are handy for carrying a little drug book, reference guide or extra pens. I've bought a few sets of scrubs from Mainely Scrubs, which are made by a small shop in the US (they're on the internet). They seem to use a heavier cloth that stands up better than most.
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    Thank you for all the comfort and fashion tips! Greatly appreciated!
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    it is good to wear uniforms in school.

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