What to wear???

  1. [FONT=Arial Narrow]I'm about to go through nurse aid training next quarter.(which is a step on my path to becoming an R.N.) I was wandering what shoes are the most comfortable. I must wear white for my clinicals and they may not be clogs. I will probably wait until the first day of class before I actually purchase any, just wondering if anyone has had any luck with a particlular brand? Does anyone know if Nike makes a shoe that would fit the "no canvas" rule? Finally, what are the best scrubs or least does anyone have a favorite? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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  3. by   tookewlandy
    Well what shoes are most comfortable for you now( what d youwear to work/school/sports etc..). buy those if you can
  4. by   valifay
    Nursemates are good for the price. Alot of people talk about new balance too. As far as scrubs go it depends on what you are comfortable in. Personally I like dickies scrubs. They are very comfortable and durable. They have some cute styles too. I really DON"T like landua or peaches scrubs. For me they are just not as durable or comfortable.
  5. by   Rocky_LPN
    i used white leather nike shoks when i was in school.
  6. by   NeuroMedic
    I recommend New Balance; however, I have not been able to wear
    regular shoes for a while. We are required to wear Combat Boots.
  7. by   klarck
    Go retro. Adidas still makes their all-leather Superstar II and it's available with white stripes. They also still make the Stan Smith, an all white leather tennis court shoe. After a short break-in, they're remarkably comfortable, even by today's standards.
  8. by   irwin
    I have the pair of adidas mentioned above, I wear those to the gym. For school I wear Jordans (pricey I know) but they are high top, for the ankle support cuz I'm coming off of a knee injury and the last thing i wana do is roll my ankle causing my knee to slip.
  9. by   JMBM
    Shoes, shoes, shoes - it depends. You will see a large percentage of nurses using Danskos. Yep, they cost a bunch. I bought a pair on sale, wore them through nursing school and years into practice. I still have them. Most athletic shoe manufacturers have walking shoes, which tend to be all leather. I've been using a pair of New Balance walking shoes, and they are great (I have wide feet.) So, whatever athletic shoe has been giving you a good fit (New Balance, Asics, Nike, Reebok, etc, etc), take a look to see if they have a walking shoe. As for scrubs, Dickies are pretty good. They make pants with thigh pockets, which are handy for carrying a little drug book, reference guide or extra pens. I've bought a few sets of scrubs from Mainely Scrubs, which are made by a small shop in the US (they're on the internet). They seem to use a heavier cloth that stands up better than most.
  10. by   IWANT2BE
    Thank you for all the comfort and fashion tips! Greatly appreciated!
  11. by   abimathew
    it is good to wear uniforms in school.
  12. by   emtb2rn
    Yeah, what klark sez, the Adidas Stan Smiths are really nice. I tried on a lot of shoes at a lot of different stores and wound up going with the Smiths. Very light, very good support for my narrow high volume (high arch and high instep) dogs. They list for $65 but I picked 'em up for $40 at a discount place.

  13. by   RNsRWe
    Everyone will tell you the ones that you should get, because they were so comfortable (on them). Also, you will hear about really horrible shoes to avoid (again, on them).

    The feet in question, however, reside at the bottoms of your own ankles, and you are the best judge of what feels comfortable and for how long.

    I WILL tell you, though (I posted this somewhere else here, same question give or take): expensive shoes are not necessarily more comfortable than cheap ones. Can go either way.

    Test drive a few
  14. by   tater.jake

    get the finest italian leather shoes so you can soak up all of the poopie that falls onto them and you can track it into your house. That way you and your family get to build up your immune system.
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