Was I accepted into nursing school for being a male

  1. I got accepted into a absn program which is 3/4 women and white in a private school in virginia. I am a Asian male. Could I have been accepted based on affirmative action?
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
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    Your minority status probably gave you a slight edge (whether that was conscious or unconscious on the part of the admissions committee), unless they do truly blind admissions, but no legitimate school would have accepted you if you weren't qualified.
  5. by   Tacomaboy3
    Maybe? Maybe not? Ask the admissions committee. Perhaps you were admitted because you were a top applicant.

    Does being accepted bother you?
  6. by   llg
    It is likely that both your race and gender helped you -- but the amount of help it gave you depends upon the school's admissions procedures. Years ago, I served on a schools admission's committee. Admissions were based on points. Those with the highest point totals were admitted -- with most successful applicants getting around 15-20 points or so. Being male was worth 1 point. Being Asian would have been worth 1 point. So, under that sysytem, you would have gotten 2 extra points -- or about 10% - 15% of the points needed to be selected. You would have needed to earn the rest of the points through grades, essay, interview, etc.
  7. by   WVFNP2B
    Who cares? You were accepted!!
    But it is tough to answer your question without some other details such as GPA, etc.
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    Actually, when it comes to affirmative action, being Asian is not advantageous to you.

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