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This semester is almost done!!!

  1. 0 I'm in my second semester of nursing school taking peds and OB for nursing, and a microbiology class (waste of time). I've only got two weeks left, and though I know I don't have much time left, it still seems like I have so much more to do. Probably because this is the most boring semester of college I've ever had, and on the flip-side, pretty much all of the girls in my class are enjoying it. Our clinicals are nothing to be desired, 99% observation, which means little to me as I learn more while working at the hospital as a CNA than I do at clinicals.

    Next semester I'm heading to med/surg and psych. I'm looking forward to it. I know it'll be harder, but I hope it's harder. The harder the class, the better I do. And it'll be more interesting to me, and clinicals will be more involved and I'll actually get to spend time with patients rather than just observing.. ugh..

    Where's everyone else heading?
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    Well.. glad to hear all I'll be doing is observation... I'm heading into Peds/OB.. which is ok. Just finished Med/Surg.. and now.. after summer semester.. there's only one more!!!!!
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    Quote from RNstudent86
    Well.. glad to hear all I'll be doing is observation... I'm heading into Peds/OB.. which is ok. Just finished Med/Surg.. and now.. after summer semester.. there's only one more!!!!!
    Hopefully you'll get to do more than just observe. I'd assume many schools get much more hands-on than we're getting. Observation is good of course, but hands-on is 100x better for learning.
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    Keep plugging away! It'll be over soon!
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    I can't wait but at the same time I can lol this semester is Chem, Med/surg I and Humanities, but over the summer I have Statistics, Eng II, Sociology and OB I then with out even a week of I get to dive right into a 12cr Med/surg II, Assessment & Skills lab & finally a real clinical rotation set, up till now we're only on the floor from 6:45-12, not enough time for me, also hoping we get assigned 2 pts, still only assigned one for now and once u get in a rythm you feel like you aren't doing enough cuz you're looking for things to do so you don't look like you're just standing around lol
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    I agree with the both of you. I am taking a peds clinical, peds class, community class, community clinical, reaserch, and OB class. I have been just getting my nuts kicked by everything. I will be over soon and not in worry about failing any classes . Good luck everyone.
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    Peds/OB is kicking my butt.. I have an 81-82% in that class, and 85% is a B. I'm actually studying for this crap and still not getting a B. I hate this class. At least in Med/Surg I'll start learning about the stuff I want to know. I'm not saying I don't have to be familiar with Peds/OB, but I'm going into adult critical care, so hopefully the chances of me ever having to work with peds patients or women in labor will be minimal anyway...
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    I'm still doing pre- req's ( uuggh) I would love to start my proff phase already. I also have 2 weeks left for this semester- yesss! that means I will be working as a PN finally, but Good luck anyway nrsg schools a bummer sometimes.
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    Yeah... Semester is finally over! Thanks god! Now it's time to worry aob ut grades until they're posted.

    But as for OB... I hear that guys aren't allowed to do much. But that's ok.. i don't wanna work in OB post-graduation.