Stereotyping Male Nurses - page 7

I understand that women are supposed to be the loving and caring type, but why do people think men can't be that way? I know the general view of a man is supposed to be masculine, strong, confident,... Read More

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    Ohh it never stopped while I was in school. They'd gang up on the prettiest girls in class or the smartest girls in class. The "Who does she think she is " line was habitual. I never understood why the girls were so catty to each other it was unreal.
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    I have worked with many male nurses who in comparison to their female co workers, I would regard as much more caring and client focused. There's exceptional nurses, good/average nurses, and unfortunately a few not so good nurses, I don't think gender comes into it really. Why is the sexuality of male nurses even being discussed? Females don't expect being labelled a "lesbian" because of their job, so why should men be labelled as "gay" because he's a nurse? Despite what the public's perception of male nurses is, we're supposed to be professionals and lead by example, not gossiping about who's gay and who isn't.
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    I have 3 guys I work with regularly, and I'm just as thankful for them as I am for my lady colleagues. It never occurred to me that they'd be gay just because they were male nurses. Considering that 2 are married and the other's in a committed het relationship, no surprise.

    As far as "less drama", one if the guys is well known for being a bit of a drama king, and is well aware of it. Guess it's just his personality, not hormones after all.

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