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Stereotyping Male Nurses - page 7

I understand that women are supposed to be the loving and caring type, but why do people think men can't be that way? I know the general view of a man is supposed to be masculine, strong, confident,... Read More

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    Ohh it never stopped while I was in school. They'd gang up on the prettiest girls in class or the smartest girls in class. The "Who does she think she is " line was habitual. I never understood why the girls were so catty to each other it was unreal.
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    I have worked with many male nurses who in comparison to their female co workers, I would regard as much more caring and client focused. There's exceptional nurses, good/average nurses, and unfortunately a few not so good nurses, I don't think gender comes into it really. Why is the sexuality of male nurses even being discussed? Females don't expect being labelled a "lesbian" because of their job, so why should men be labelled as "gay" because he's a nurse? Despite what the public's perception of male nurses is, we're supposed to be professionals and lead by example, not gossiping about who's gay and who isn't.
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    I have 3 guys I work with regularly, and I'm just as thankful for them as I am for my lady colleagues. It never occurred to me that they'd be gay just because they were male nurses. Considering that 2 are married and the other's in a committed het relationship, no surprise.

    As far as "less drama", one if the guys is well known for being a bit of a drama king, and is well aware of it. Guess it's just his personality, not hormones after all.
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    It's still mostly people imagine a hospital like it was 20 years ago. The image (right or wrong) was nurses were women and M.D's were men. I live in Wyoming where the old ways are still very prevelant. Like It's really hard for a car salesmen to take a woman seriously when she tries to buy a car. Old prejudice of well go get your husband to come in and talk with me. So silly stuff like that, theres a surgeon who looks like me, at least once a day I get called Doctor....
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    They can call me gay all they want.
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    I have been a nurse for 10 years. No one has ever told me I was gay. No one has ever even mentioned it. Where are you getting "why are we stereotyped as gay or different by the general public"? And what do you mean by "different"? I know I am "different" because when I get off work I crank up my Social Distortion and go surfing. If that is what you mean by "different"?
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    There is also a significant stereotyping of homosexual males. They're often seen as girly. Not all homosexual men exhibit "feminine" attributes, but can be rather "manly." Men do care, and in different ways then women. Our brains work differently and we can be something different to the table. There is an OB dept. wanting to hire men because of studies showing men care better for certain population, and she'd like to promote a diverse workforce to cover several demographics and approaches.
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    I'm 17 and going into nursing school next year. I am bisexual so I might be pushing the stereotype lol. But it shouldn't matter what gender you are or what your sexual orientation is. We are all nurses or going to to be nurses. And we all just want to care for people and help them. (: