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I'm really surprised that I can't find any, any other guys have any luck?... Read More

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    Quote from shauny2k3
    I was awarded a scholarship today for $584. it's the Blue Cross Blue Shield scholarship for underrepresented population in nursing. I had to write an essay about how it will help me and how I meet "underrepresented". I put that i'm male, and the vast majority of nurses are women. I didn't expect anything, but now i'm happy knowing all my books are paid for in Spring.
    Good job man... link?

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    Apparently it's available at all community colleges in Florida. At HCC it is
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    Quote from marycarney
    How do you know that someone else 'doesn't need it'?

    And if you find a scholarship just for females, let me know.
    actually, the womens center at many schools do offer women only scholarships. you should check out your schools options. Mine had "Women in math", "Women in computer science", "Women in [insert carreer field here]" scholarships.

    Quote from tenjuna
    Family contributions come to mind...probably too general a phrase though. How about "probably doesn't need it more than I do"...
    As a 23 year old female that had to leave home at 17 with no parental support, I worked full time and went to night school and knocked out pre-reqs one at a time. My family contribution was nagative as i had to send money back to help care for my neice. I got scholarship money. I think i deserve it as much as you do. I am just making a point. I know you are not trying to instigate. In my school anyway, you have to submit your Fasfa report to proove financial need. So the people that you believe are not as deserving as you might have already prooven that they are in need.

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