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I'm really surprised that I can't find any, any other guys have any luck?... Read More

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    About four years ago, i used this site and won $2300 scholarship and my brother who is also an RN received $10,000 scholarship.
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    Hope this helps all of you.
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    Surprise! There is a plethora of scholarships SPECIFICALLY for women to get into "traditionally male" STEM fields science,technology engineering and math, but nothing for Males to get into the fields where men are about double standards and switching the tables...anyways if you are a male nursing student you just have to complete with all the other thousands of female nursing scholarship applicants out there.
    The only males specific nursing scholarship I know of is from the American Assembly for Men in Nursing and its only like $500 to $1000, not like the fully paid scholarship women get for entering say engineering...nope I did not win any of their scholarships but you can try at link below :

    About American Assembly for Men in Nursing - AAMN
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    American Assembly of Male Nurses (AAMN) has 3 annual scholarships. One, however, is for already practicing RN's looking to specialize. I think you also have to be a member. I've found that nursing specific scholarships are tough to come by unless you're pretty close to straight A plus community service work.

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