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Something has been bothering me for quite some time on this forum and I have not known exactly what it was. Well I figured it out and y'all may not like it. So often when reading posts on the Men in Nursing or Male Nursing... Read More

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    Quote from bigrigcowboy
    Something has been bothering me for quite some time on this forum and I have not known exactly what it was. Well I figured it out and y'all may not like it.

    So often when reading posts on the Men in Nursing or Male Nursing Student sections I feel like I am part of one of the most homophobic systems I have been a part of since I left the US Navy.

    If I read one more post in which the man feels he must refer to himself as "Normal", "Married", "not one of them", "Real Man" etc. [not kidding, direct quotes] I am going to scream. You can say it STUD, we get it, you are straight and we're damn glad for you. [better you than me]
    O...kay. I don't care if my coworkers are straight, bent, curved, loop-de-loop, or whatever. Either they do a good job for their pts, or they don't. If they don't, doom on them.

    Not all allnurses folks are focused on gender roles, and I'd hope that you don't get too bent out of shape by your perception of how or what various folks post.

    Excuse me while I go sharpen my manly straight married Wusthof and Thai Kiwi kitchen knives, followed by swigging manly whisky (Islay Scotch spelling, don'cha know), then do some manly car oil change maintenance and use manly power tools to fix stuff around the home before playing with my 2.4 heterosexually-generated children. Or something like that.

    Then I need to bake some bread, make dinner, & do laundry & dishes.

    Straight...gay....it doesn't matter. Either you're a good person or you're not.
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    Can a woman chime in here? This headline caught my attention, and some of the responses have sent my coffee shooting across the room in laughter. As a straight married female I want to say, really??? I thought we were past this. I have had nurses care for loved ones who were very ill (my son, and mother) and all that occured to me was "wow, doing a great job" . I want the people who care for me to be competent, responsible and happy in their profession. I enjoy working with many male CNAs who are ....I don't know, never asked, but they are great to work with. I have also worked with some who have told me they are straight, or not , and they were great to work with. I have found that if we all concentrate on what is important, nobody will care one way or the other. I am just thrilled to have had some great people to work with, and thrilled my son was made more comfortable because he had a great nurse. I have not heard "male nurse" in a long time. We all just say "nurse, LPN, RN, CNA" .
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    Gay or straight at the end of the day all i come to do is, be the best nurse i can be Not to prove I'm gay or not.

    If they assume I'm gay, so be it, if not still don't really care " I don't come to make friends , I came to do my job"

    I think you guys need to stop getting worked up of what people think about your sexual orientation. If anybody try to call me out , try to humiliate me, or disrespect me to my face, my respond won't be pleasant at all, this 206 pounds of pure MEAT has a really short fuse. For them and my sake, just fall back do your damn job and don't worry about who I sleep with.( For the record I'm straight )
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    Now that I've been working for a couple years I have a different take on this kind of attitude in the workplace. It sounds like when you get offended you stir up drama. Trust me, that is not an attribute I look for in a coworker. I'm much happier when I'm working with people who deescalate conflict in the workplace.

    What's going to happen when a stressed out patient who's got a terminal illness makes a crack about you being gay? Are you going to react to it by getting defensive, or are you going to remember that you're at work to meet the needs of the patient?

    Nursing can be very stressful. People may look down on you for one reason or another. The workplace can be unfair. Try to remember that people don't HAVE to like you for whatever reason. Democrats don't get along with republicans sometimes, so maybe it's better to not talk politics with people you work with.
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    When I was a nursing student (not too long ago) there were definitely male classmates who did and said stuff to prove their "masculinity" and made comments like "not that I would be into that" or "not trying to imply anything (hahaha)." And the whole "Man Enough to be a Nurse" campaign? Really? Just because you're a nurse who happens to be a man doesn't mean you have to be hypermasculine to prove that you're straight. Like I've said in previous posts, I've known 2 or 3 MD residents who were openly gay- sexuality has nothing to do with one's profession.

    Being straight isn't about being married, being into college football or owning an F550 Powerstroke Diesel (which is I think is pretty sweet, btw). Rather, it's about which sex you're more attracted to. Just like I don't have to be into the latest bubble-gum pop, the latest fashion trends and be a woman's best friend to prove that I'm gay. I just know that I'm attracted to other guys when I see one who strikes my fancy. Also, most straight guys don't have to worry about getting hit on by gay men- because most gay guys, like everyone else, respect the concept of PERSONAL BOUNDARIES (DUH!). I'm guessing that straight (or "straight") men worry most about guilt by association- meaning if they associate with known gay men too often that they'll be thought of as gay (by people on both sides of the fence). Which is completely stupid, because that kind of evidence (for someone being one way or the other) is just idle gossip and completely circumstantial. I can attest to that fear, having been deeply in the closet myself for more than several years before I came out in my 20's.

    PS- I love powertools- roofing with a nailgun is freakin' awesome!
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    To answer the OP's question how do I know my classmates are straight/gay/and or otherwise?

    I don't!

    This just reminded me of my graduation ceremony and a guy in my community clinical who I was friendly with. I knew he used to box in his hometown, I thought I remembered him telling me he won Golden Gloves when he was younger, and before he was a nurse he worked in a family business making materials for sailboat sails. Come to find out as we're all lining up to get pinned that his SO is a man. I'd heard him talking on the phone before and saying "Goodbye honey" so many times I just assumed he was talking to his wife.

    Just goes to show you what they say about assuming is true And the hell with it! He's a great guy and he'll make a fantastic nurse. If you're one of them I sure hope you're referring to all of us in the nursing population because sexual preference should not matter.

    One of the ladies
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    The world has far too many vindictive *****... be they gay or straight.
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    Only one in my class that tried to prove how masculine he was ended up coming out last semester. Either way I dont care. Gay straight red black purple yellow polka dots whatever. If you are willing to come to my house, drink some drinks around a fire shoot the **** like a good friend you are welcomed in my book!
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    Quote from . Z A C H
    homophobic people tend to try to act truly masculine across the board and generally won't ever begin to pursue a job like nursing or as a hairstylist
    If I come back in another time, I'd want to be a hairstylist. The exposure to attractive women is almost constant, you've got an immediate in to their world

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