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Something has been bothering me for quite some time on this forum and I have not known exactly what it was. Well I figured it out and y'all may not like it. So often when reading posts on the... Read More

  1. by   Blueorchid
    To answer the OP's question how do I know my classmates are straight/gay/and or otherwise?

    I don't!

    This just reminded me of my graduation ceremony and a guy in my community clinical who I was friendly with. I knew he used to box in his hometown, I thought I remembered him telling me he won Golden Gloves when he was younger, and before he was a nurse he worked in a family business making materials for sailboat sails. Come to find out as we're all lining up to get pinned that his SO is a man. I'd heard him talking on the phone before and saying "Goodbye honey" so many times I just assumed he was talking to his wife.

    Just goes to show you what they say about assuming is true And the hell with it! He's a great guy and he'll make a fantastic nurse. If you're one of them I sure hope you're referring to all of us in the nursing population because sexual preference should not matter.

    One of the ladies
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  2. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    The world has far too many vindictive *****... be they gay or straight.
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  3. by   That Guy
    Only one in my class that tried to prove how masculine he was ended up coming out last semester. Either way I dont care. Gay straight red black purple yellow polka dots whatever. If you are willing to come to my house, drink some drinks around a fire shoot the **** like a good friend you are welcomed in my book!
  4. by   Skeletor
    Quote from . Z A C H
    homophobic people tend to try to act truly masculine across the board and generally won't ever begin to pursue a job like nursing or as a hairstylist
    If I come back in another time, I'd want to be a hairstylist. The exposure to attractive women is almost constant, you've got an immediate in to their world
  5. by   Destination1
    If I read one more post in which the man feels he must refer to himself as "Normal", "Married", "not one of them", "Real Man" etc. [not kidding, direct quotes] I am going to scream. You can say it STUD, we get it, you are straight and we're damn glad for you.
    I am a normal, married, not one of them, real man, with kids. I am also a STUD....

    Did you scream? lol

    Honestly I have never felt the need to prove my sexual orientation to anyone. But I do wonder sometimes when did it become abnormal to be straight? Did you ever consider that the behavior you are seeing in this forum is simply a normal behavior of many males regardless of their profession? We have all seen construction workers, truck drivers, carpenters, golf pros, doctors, lawyers, etc... proclaim their masculinity. And when on earth did telling someone Im married or have kids make me homophobic? Is there such a thing as a straightophob? I'm sure I've meet a few.
  6. by   scarecow
    Quote from That Guy
    No I have not come to prefer that at all. I think it is insulting. A female officer to me is still an officer. A female soldier to me is still a soldier. I will not add a gender label to any position simply because it is not the norm.

    I agree 100%. I would not want to be referred to as a "murse". It is condescending to the nursing field and unprofessional in the work place.

    So a female nurse is a furse?? It just does not work.

  7. by   vizzle
    I am a man going into the nursing field, and I don't care if you think my sexual orientation is homosexual. There is no need to assert myself a married heterosexual. What does it matter what your fellow students, patients, professors think? Does it matter in the end? Are you suddenly going to turn gay if everyone thinks your gay? I think not. LOL the thought of having to assert my straightness is laughable.

    To add, I don't care if your gay or straight as a fellow student. Hooray you made a different choice then I did. I do not think your going to come onto to me and try and change me. I won't change you.
  8. by   Conqueror+
    I think the problem starts when a man or woman gay or Straight, feels the need to shove it down your thoat and start going on an on about their preferences and escapades. I think sex is like politics, don't make it your soapbox at work/school and you won't run into this kind of garbage. I also refuse to live in fear of the PC police so if you ask me a direct question you will get an honest answer that you might not like. It isn't my job to walk on eggshells so some hypersensitive whiner doesn't get offended. I love Jesus, unborn babies and guns. I don't bring it up at work though. If you get in my face about it that's a different story. Don't put it out there if you don't wanna hear about it.
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  9. by   muneca13
    Omg...some of you guys are just so overly sensitive, I always mention my husband but because I'm proud of what I have not because I want anyone to know my sexual preference. Perhaps a guy who states the same feels the same and other prople who are self consious of themselves have a problem with it! They way we put things out ther is just human nature we always refer to people by what we see, hear so on and so forth... Men constantly criticize women but when you guys getting to yapping it your worse thanus girls...haha is that just another stereo type..sorrry boys!Don't worry guys because...
  10. by   ItsTheDude
    Quote from bigrigcowboy
    So often when reading posts on the Men in Nursing or Male Nursing Student sections I feel like I am part of one of the most homophobic systems I have been a part of since I left the US Navy.
    ha, healthcare/nursing as one of the most homophobic systems? i don't think so.
  11. by   heelhook80
    anyone besides me find it funny this thread was started by a dude named bigrigcowboy? not trying to be mean here but either this is a professional troll job or lol
  12. by   echo56
    "Me thinks he doth protest to much?"
  13. by   Conqueror+
    Quote from echo56
    "Me thinks he doth protest to much?"