Obstetrics Clinicals SCARE me so much im considering dropping out :( - page 4

I find myself at very stressful point in my life as Ill be starting my LD/OB clinical rotation next semester. The prospect of what ill be asked to do there terrifies me and I wish I could just pass... Read More

  1. by   ggoodman
    Quote from canadiandude
    Just don't see a straight guy working comfortably in such a setting.

    I would be a midwife in a heartbeat if I thought i cold survive financially, I am very strait, married, have one child and planning another.... this comment is as stupid as the people that think males can't be nurses. Further as a former Lt./driver and career FF I have worked in many situations and drug/cut/ hoisted people out of places most would not dare enter and done it along side women more capable than I. So check yourself when assigning gender roles, it can get u in trouble professionally and socially.

    Off my soap box now.
  2. by   DatMurse
    I never held a baby until mother baby. It was a shock for me to like the LD floor, it may just be how the nurses work as a team(atleast at the hospital I was at). I was very impressed, reminded me of what I saw on an oncology floor.

    I realized I do like newborns....

    After family I realized I started learning more about the female body than some of them know.