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    I am currently finishing up my last semester for my RN license and I do not know what I was thinking when I entered the profession. I absolutely hate nursing. I have met way too many burnt out, miserable nurses and I know that is not what I want to do with my life. I work currently in a hospital per diem and I see how the system abuses and uses its workers. I am a straight A student and have a great GPA. My question is should I stay and finish this last semester or just quit and get out entirely. I would hate to have all my sweat and tears go for nothing yet I know nursing is something I do not ever want to do...I currently also hold an A.S in Business Administration. Any advice? Thanks in advance

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    I encourage you to finish your degree. You are so close. I am a second career nurse. I was a manager and director working in the call center world a few years ago. I loved the work but was laid off too often so I went back to school. I graduated last May. I have seen some burned out nurses. I have also seen some that love the profession. I have seen some working conditions I don't like. Other perks are great. No career will be perfect, but in nursing, you have so many options and you will always be in demand. I definitely won't be a floor nurse forever. I intend to complete my BSN and return to managing people. You will find your niche. Don't give up now.
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    Finish your degree, you have a world of options in nursing you do not have to remain in bedside at a hospital. I am also a second career nurse, I have seen burnt out, miserable people in just about every profession I have had contact with. You are at the tail end of a long and stressful program and probably a little burnt out yourself.
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    My question to you is...Are you hating nursing because of some people's reactions to the field or are you hating nursing really for not liking what you do, how you make people feel, what your responsibilities will be?

    I hope you are basing your decision on your personal feeling and not what people are telling you. I chose nursing first because of the flexibility it allows me to have in my schedule, my career, my family and I am almost solely working on my own. It can be a hard job at times when someone you've been working healing their womb goes to the hospital for a week and comes back with additional ulcers, etc.

    I have came across some nurses whom have burned their selves out and I've seen nurses whom have awesome attitudes and teaching personalities. You can always change where you are in the nursing field if you get tired of doing one thing. ex. Pediatrics to Med-Surge.

    I'm definitely not going to make your decision for you but make sure you have fully thought about the opportunity that is in front of you and what's best for you. I support you either way. You just better have a strong fall back plan if you do decide to stop going...
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    Thanks for everyones advice..I guess I will finish simply because I am so close...I do like most of the patients and health/science as well as teaching which I seem to enjoy most of all ( I actually like doing discharges during clinicals). It is good to hear from some happy nurses, most of the ones I have come across in person/online have been so unhappy and advise me to "get out!!". Perhaps I will pursue a career in health care management or NP later on down the road..
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    I am a first semester clinical student. I know how you feel. I am 18 and just graduated high school and will finish my BSN a semester earlier than all of my peers because I got in clinical early. I am also taking an emt class and plan on pursing a paramedic certificate as well. The more I do, the more I feel like I might not like nursing, but then I remember I am surrounded by basically all chicks most of whom just want to be med Surg/LTC. So my recommendation is stick with it. Keep up the grades and go advanced practice or get into some ems classes too. That's what I'm doing and it keeps me sane.
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    Why don't you look into getting a MSN in Clinical Nurse Leader as part if the course work involves the business side of running a nursing organization?
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    Hold up there Tiger! If your goal is to move into a Nursing leadership position, you will need to become clinically competent first. This means a few years of patient care. It's actually a requirement - from JC and other accreditation agencies - that first line & clinical specialty nurse managers have to have expertise in the clinical areas they supervise. Most management & leadership jobs require an MSN these days, but I don't know how attractive the CL programs are because they are so new. So - there are no shortcuts, and a degree is not enough. You will have to have a level of clinical experience that is appropriate for the area you'll be responsible for.

    Of course, if you're looking at non-nursing/non-clinical leadership or management positions, those are dominated by MHAs and you'll encounter the "old boys club" - MHA programs have very strong loyalty ties.. and are very 'partial' to hiring grads from the schools they attended.
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    I'll tell you from my perspective, finish the degree- you do see burned out and miserable nurses. We are abused an left at the bottom. But this is the light side- work though, you seem to be relatively academic- become the supervisor and the manager that makes things better. Remember floor nursing is not the only nursing, nor is hospital or specific facilities. I never imagined I'd end up as a supervisor let alone a Nursing Director. See where it takes you and try different venues. Remember too that a lot of what you see is a specific facility or style of management that may not be conducive to a good atmosphere. Find an online group or in person group of nurses that really believe it to be great and I bet your feelings may liven up a little. Hope that helps!
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    Quote from dina118r
    I have met way too many burnt out, miserable nurses and I know that is not what I want to do with my life. I work currently in a hospital per diem and I see how the system abuses and uses its workers. I am a straight A student and have a great GPA. My question is should I stay and finish this last semester or just quit and get out entirely.
    It sounds like you are basing your argument on leaving nursing school based on the people around you. Yes nursing is a stressful environment to work in, and yes the system can abuse people if they let it happen. The important thing to to avoid burn out at all costs, make time for yourself and ensure that when you leave the ward/nursing environment you leave your work there too.. dont bring work and all the stresses it may have home with you.

    You sound like a smart cookie and i know you have a great career ahead of you, stick at it and finish your degree.

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