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Hey all, New to this site. I've gotten a lot of great info so far. I am a 38 yo gay male. I already have a BA in Psych and have been a generic caseworker for a long while. I just started nursing... Read More

  1. by   wcbembe
    Hey Mike,

    I'm a 44 year-old gay man who is really close to finishing my associate's degree RN program. I'll probably sit for the NCLEX in December. Everything you said in your post is exactly what I was thinking when I started on this adventure nearly three years ago.

    Like you, I also have other degrees and have had a previous career. When I decided to get into nursing, I went through those countless hours of prerequisite courses and the struggle to apply and be accepted into my RN program. I tortured myself daily with doubts about getting into nursing. Was I too old? Would anyone accept a middle-aged man as a new nurse? And I was also gay. old, gay, male nursing student is a perfect storm of insecurity.

    On the first day of my RN Fundamentals course, I walked into a lecture hall of 75 strangers, thinking that I'd be the oldest person in there. But I wasn't. There were women and men in their late 40s, 50s, etc.

    We're all really conscious about our age. Sometimes we try to excuse ourselves by saying things like, "With age comes a certain wisdom." But what I came to discover in my program is that some of the kindest and wisest people have been the youngest. And some of the meanest and least wise have been some of the older students.

    So, I can now see the light at the end of the nursing school tunnel. I go to study groups in which there are smart 20 year-olds with more medical knowledge than me. I'm older than some of their parents, but never have I heard a derisive word about age, gender, or sexual orientation. We're all too busy to care about those things.

    I guess my only advice is to focus on the daily routine of studying and respecting each of your fellow students as a smart professional. Take "age" out of the equation.

    Sorry to be so long-winded, but I know exactly how you feel. You may not feel good today, but hang in there a couple of semesters, because, just like Dan Savage says..."It gets better!"

  2. by   Rohan8
    Congrats on coming near the end of your program!!!
  3. by   bupnurse

    Wondering how you've adjusted since the beginning of the year? Has it become more manageable? It took me a semester or two during my undergraduate years to get a sense of how much I needed to read & study to do well. More importantly, do you enjoy it?

    I am also a gay man, and I graduated in 2009 with my BSN. I started my MSN program the same time you began earlier this year. Please let me know if I can be of help. Love your blog.

  4. by   MichiganRN13
    I am in my 4th term of the nursing program just 20 weeks of school left until I graduate!! I have just turned 39 and at times the amount of bookwork can be overwhelming as I feel I have to study longer than some of the younger people to retain the same information but it is well worth it. There will be areas that you will excel in and some that you need to hit the books harder for but not necessarily because of your age just the nature of the information. As I had prior healthcare experience and most definitely more life experience than many of the other students sometimes they will turn to you for advice and ask you questions about certain procedures which I find is nice to be able to offer that. Just remember people our age have done this before and it is a question of how bad you want this future for yourself. Best of luck!!
  5. by   zieglarf
    I was 44 when I started LVN school and the oldest was 10 years older then me. You 38 year old kids think life is over ;P

    It's tough - nursing school ain't no joke. We had one teacher with the best reply anytime someone complained about how hard it was - 'Welcome to nursing school.'
  6. by   zieglarf
    My memory is going... I was 44 when I finished not when I started. My memory must be something...
  7. by   NurseGuyBri
    I'm a 31 year old gay male RN in Virginia. I dont know you, but I can conjecture based on this little post that you have what it takes to do nursing. How, you ask? You started school (takes initiative). You are having difficulty (means you are actually doing the work). You feel overwhelmed (requites tenacity) and you have asked for help by posting (requires modesty and overcoming pride). You will be fine. I'm only 31, I dont know how old you consider 38 but I can tell you we had a male student over 50 and females in the same boat, so it can be done. Funny- I have my degree in psych as well, go figure. LOVE being an RN now, it's so worth it. If you need any help or have any questions i can help you with, feel free to email me @ or on - BRIAN