My teacher hates me....

  1. So a little about me, I am a 22 year old hispanic male in a class of 43. I am in my 3rd semester of my ADN program. I get mostly A's and have taken a ridiculous amount of pharmacology far beyond what is required for my program.

    My problem is that my teacher will call me out infront of the whole class almost every time she is lecturing. For example the whole class can be talking or not paying attention during lecture but if I so much as giggle or whisper to my study partner about something related to the class material she will call me out and ask me what is so funny or tell me that I need to be quite (when literally half the class is talking about nonsense and my comments are directly related to school).

    I actively participate in all my classes and try to ask intelligent questions or give feedback when asked. I am confident (NOT COCKY) in my knowledge especially pharmacology and I admit that I only know .05% of what there is to know.

    Yesterday in test review, I asked about a question I got wrong which I ABSOLUTELY KNEW I WAS RIGHT ON. I asked her quietly and professionally and she made it a point to announce to the whole class that, "I am not as smart as I think I am and I dont know as much as I think I know."

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  3. by   francoml
    ...Oh and that question I got wrong was word for word out of our text.
  4. by   HouTx
    Take the high road. This is a good opportunity to practice your "professional" response by not engaging in a negative interaction. Stay detached as much as possible. Your calm, cool behavior will serve to highlight how off-the-wall she is. As a nurse, you will be faced with situations like this all the time, so the quicker you learn how to emotionally detach, the better you will be able to manage screaming physicians, angry family members & all the other human landmines you are going to encounter in the future.

    As a student, you also need to analyze situations and determine whether this is a hill to die on... do you pursue countermeasures just to 'prove you're right' even though the likely consequences seem to be pretty obvious. Would that one question make a significant difference in your grade? If not, just leave it alone. I would suggest not challenging her in public any more. If you have an issue with her - make an appointment and discuss it in private.

    Hang in there.
  5. by   francoml
    Thank you for your response. No it doesn't really affect my grade. I love when teachers are hard on me to make me better. My other 3 professors hold my to a high standard and expect a lot out of me and they will openly say it. The difference is they also give me positive feedback as well as constructive criticism.

    This teacher almost enjoys to call me out. At the beginning of the year she said she wants us to question things and talk about what current research indicates but it seems now that someone can question things on an intelligent level she has completely reversed her stance. I have never "openly challenged" her in class because I feel that is disrespectful as she does have a masters and as earned her position. My issue is I brought something up to here in a QUIET AND PROFESSIONAL manner and she openly criticizes me in front of every one.

    I have nothing but support from all of my other professors and I am not going to let this one person hold me back. I just wanted a platform to vent because this has been on my mind a lot lately.

    Oh and by the way I submitted my view on the question to the co-author of the test (another professor in med-surg) and she gave me full credit which I think just upset the other professor even more. I will see how this plays out but I do plan on remaining completely professional but I will stand up for what I believe is right.
  6. by   AlaBro2010
    If you feel she is getting out of hand and you've tried speaking to her, ask an advisor or the dean. Although I really didn't want to, I did have to meet with the Dean when my professor completely blew me off when I tried discussing a problem. She wanted to take off 10 points from my final grade of "attendance" because I brought my computer to "every" class and so therefor I wasn't really there. That's why I had an A until she decided to take off the 10. I feel like some professors just can't help being that way. Venting definitely helps... I did A LOT of it haha.
  7. by   Esme12
    You are going to meet a ton of negative people in your life. Be the bigger person and not lower yourself to their level. If this isn't affecting your grade....remember pick your battles wisely....this too shall pass.
  8. by   bubblejet50
    My first semester teacher was like but thankfully not to me! I kept under the radar but she did pull me aside once amd asked me why I never took notes. Well im an audio n visual learner so taking notes is almost counterproductive for my learning style. She had a screaming match with a different student and just made life hard. If it is effecting your learning or grades I would go to the dean or else try to ride out the storm. I had one teacher who accused me of plaigarising and when I asked her to show me how to cite correctly she informed me that she never checked my sources bit assumed I had because she never heard me talk using words like I write--basically my paper sounded too smart! I went to the dean on that one. Good luck!
  9. by   BostonFNP
    Unfortunately, there are people out there that behave this way when threatened. Adjust your strategy: try approaching her after class to ask questions, be overly humble, let her know you aren't looking for points just clarification so you understand if you come across the problem again.
  10. by   rivershark2005
    I went through this crap in my CNA class and fully expect to go through it in the PN program. However, I have a slightly different view. Are you the only male in your class? And more importantly, are you the only SMART male in your class?

    One of the teachers in my CNA class openly called me out because I hardly took notes yet aced every test. She swore up and down to the whole class that I was cheating, that there was no way I was that smart. However, I lead people to believe this. Am I the smartest person in the world? Doubtful. Was I the smartest person in that class? By a long shot. Am I smarter than that instructor? Well, honestly, probably. And that ****** her off. I'm not saying I know more about nursing than her. I don't. But I knew way more than she apparently thought I should have.

    Some teachers can be mean and do this as a way to motivate you to do better. Yes, it will **** you off to no end, but it will also help you develop a thicker skin. And you HAVE to have a thick skin to be a nurse.

    Just my perspective.
  11. by   abaloney77
    In my school we have the chain of command for complaints --> teacher, director, dean. If you haven't asked your instructor what her problem is (and yes I would just come out and be a MAN and be bold) then start with her. Then just go up the chain.

    I would record the conversation as well with everyone. Call me paranoid but I like to cover my ass.

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