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She has some concern, but honestly I don't blame her. I'll be going to school with lots of beautiful nursing students and we will all be working closely together. Also they say your classmates in nursing school become friends for... Read More

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    Your girlfriend needs to have more confidence in your relationship. While nursing is female dominated, just about most professions have significant numbers of females in them. Just walk into any office building and look around. Closely working and going to school with females is fact of life, even in male dominated fields. Maybe the response back to her could be "If you are going to engineering school with a bunch of guys, would you become tempted to leave me?"

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    I'm a lpn and I actually met my girlfriend in my lpn school. I told myself before going into school that I was going to be solely focused on school and studying, I even said to myself that I won't even try to make any friends, female or male. That all changed as within the second month of school I asked one of my classmates out. It was a big risk because had we broken up during school, it could have made things very awkward. I ended up having every term with her, including all of my clinical sites. I was with her literally everyday for over a year. Weekends we studied, as we left school we would go to my house and study. We even carpooled during one of our terms that the site had been over an hour away each way, to and from our homes. Trust me when I say that nursing school can ruin relationships. In my case I lucked out, as I know she's my other half. Even after school was completed all I ever want to do, is to be with her. We text and call each other literally everyday all day. We never told our classmates that we were dating, which we did not display anything remotely intimate in front of them. This helped with any drama that we could have experienced from our classmates.

    I guess the point of my story is that nursing school is a beast of it's own. Relationships change, plans change, life is constantly changing. She will feel left out, regardless of what you are doing. Truth is, you can make sometime for her during the week. I did during school and still had time to study. Except for those super important exams, I left her out in the cold but she understood! Good luck and reassure her that you are committed to her and only her.

    P.S. I'm still with the love of my life.
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    I think your girlfriend has a valid fear. You will be around a lot of females and naturally being around new people can spark interest. People change and things happen.
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    Even if you don't want it to happen. But if you really love her you'll focus on her and not other girl who catch your eye
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    Be realistic. Her fears are valid. You will meet another girl in nursing school. The question is what are you going to do about it?
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    Sounds like a TRUST issue.....

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