Male OB Frustration

  1. I'm currently in my OB rotation for clinicals and lecture. The first two days of clinical I was in L&D and I had an awesome experience (witnessed a couple deliveries, worked with the fetal monitor, started foleys/IVs). The apprehension and disinterest that preceded going into the semester started to fade and I was beginning to really enjoy the clincal experience.

    That's why yesterday hit me by surprise. I was in the post-partum unit and the nurse I was assigned to was SO awkward about everything. She didn't want me to check the fundus (with or without her being in the room), she didn't feel I should be in the room while she gave an IM injection of Depo in the upper thigh (which I'm more than capable of doing), and she even excused me from the room when teaching the patient discharge instructions (like lochia color, amount, etc.).

    This frustrates me even more knowing that I've been working as a nurse tech for 6 months now while in school and I give female clients baths, and insert caths almost every shift.

    I understand that this was only one day, and the only thing that's been damaged is my pride and ego, but its hard not to feel embarassed/belittled by the situation.

    If anything, this is just a rant like most posts on here and I'll be appreciative of even one comment! =-)


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  3. by   kjocrile
    I have a guy in my OB clinical right now and he's not allowed to do an assessment on a women without our clinical instructor being in the room with him. He's pretty much got to have her with him at all times. Pretty lame huh?
  4. by   tntrn
    I have said this many times in my 34 years as an OB nurse.....the (female) nurses have more issues with a male nurse than the patients do. When I have a male student, I introduce him as we first enter the room, state that he will be assisting in care, under my direction. Never once have I had even the lifting of an eyebrow.....I welcome males to the profession.

    In fact, I had a male student assisting in my own delivery 34 years ago. He was an RT from our facility who was pursuing his RN. Back then, full peri shaves and enemas were the norm.....he did them all. I think we, as nurses, forget that a male RN is as professional as we are....and maybe must be even more cautious about draping and privacy issues.

    I hope your rotation will become more like your first day. Maybe talk to your instructor about having a different staff nurse for your next days on the floor.
  5. by   Mike A. Fungin RN
    I had similar experiences, both good and bad, during my OB clinicals. I wish there were more L&D nurses like TNTRN who aren't afraid of male students and know how to make them feel welcome.
  6. by   tntrn
    Quote from Mike A. Fungin RN
    I had similar experiences, both good and bad, during my OB clinicals. I wish there were more L&D nurses like TNTRN who aren't afraid of male students and know how to make them feel welcome.
    Thank you! (Is there a smilie for blushing?)
  7. by   iteachob
    I currently have 6 male students in my OB course. I find that the persons I have problems with (if I have any) are the husbands/boyfriends of the patients, not the patients themselves. Sometimes the male student himself is the problem. The nurses in L&D and Post Partum for the most part are quite welcoming of my male students.......I guess I'm lucky in that respect.
  8. by   RNbrent
    Going back to my OB rotation, I never had a problem from the patients! I was very honest from the beginning with them. I always introduced myself and told them I was a student. I also informed them that if there was anything that they didn't feel comfortable letting me do, I would be more happy to get somebody else to do it! I not once had a problem. Although I did have a recent graduate from our program have a child that same day I was doing my OB rotation, and I happen to have her as a patient. Funny thing was, I felt more awkward than they did! Still, I respected her as I would any other patient.

    In your situation, (although not likely...) maybe your nurse thought your patients would feel uncomfortable with you? Who knows, did you happen to ask why she wouldn't let you perform anything?
  9. by   ckh23
    Sounds like it was the nurse with the problem. I would bring it up to your clinical instructor so you do not get paired with that nurse in the future. You are there to learn. I always thought it would be awkward doing my OB rotation, but I actually found the women on their second and third child were excited about having a student whether it was male or female.
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  11. by   LIG RN
    Sorry to hear about your clinical. At least look at the positive side, you were able to view deliveries. I was not allowed to do ANYTHING except bottle feed in post-partum. It is a shame because for some strange reason, women's health and OB is what I excel at. Hang in there and just remember some day when you have a student, Treat them well...
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  12. by   StillSliding
    I had same problem, I just went with the flow. These stupid nurse instructors go out of the way to announce you are male and a student. When I introduced myself the client never had a problem. I never witnessed the instructor announcing to a male client "a female nurse student" is going to put i a catheter in your urethra. Just get through school and be bigger than the stupid dinosaur prof. You need the grade.
  13. by   That Guy
    I was not even offered the chance to see a vaginal birth. I was dumped in the C-sections most the time and PP area doing teaching. I hated the entire rotation. What sucked more is I had to do it twice and the second time was the exact same! Glad I am passed all that crap
  14. by   BrigidG
    I'm in OB right now, and the first week in, I was partnered with a male student and we spent the day watching two cesarean sections!
    He was not happy at the beginning of the day, and he DID NOT want to be in OB.
    But at the end of the day, he told me "OB is pretty badass."

    He and the other two guys in my group love it! And so far, all the nurses and patients seem pretty receptive.

    Let your instructor know about the nurse, and maybe she can make sure you don't have to work with her again.

    Because I know your instructor will want you doing more than just general assessments.