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I am hesitate. could you share your experiences working or having friend with a male in nursing school? Are you compatible with a male student?... Read More

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    The problem isn't too many women! It's too many ****** women and bitter men coupled with sexist patients and doctors. I have always worked in female dominated areas, from libraries to the hospital and it is which women you're working with that makes all the difference. Some are great, some are horrible, just like the men. I think that male nurses are a great thing for the profession and patients who don't want them to be their nurses because they're men are as bad as rascists who don't want black nurses. What I can't understand is why do women have no problem with male gynecologists, but then don't want a male nurse?
    We had 6 men in our nursing class and they all did fine on their rotations through ob/gynecology. I say men are a welcome addition. Maybe nurses will be taken more seriously when we have more men in our ranks.
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    Quote from JenRNtoBe
    This was truly moving, and so well-written! I myself have completed a CNA course last year. Mostly just to get my feet wet and to see if my passion to be a nurse was something I could do in reality. I have taken a year to think about it, and your post just sealed the envelope. Nursing IS for me. I have not been practicing as a CNA because as sad as it sounds, I can not afford to lose money, and I make more at my 2 retail jobs. I know the experiences would be extremely helpful, I just do not know how to schedule a third job in for myself as a single mom. Anyway... THANK YOU for this post, it was motivating and deeply touching.
    Thank you so much for your kind response. I am really glad you enjoyed reading it. I completely understand your situation as far as "losing" money goes. I currently work with kids, and although it is rewarding, it pays next to nothing, and nursing assistant would definitely be more than just a step up for me, and I would also be gaining much needed experience while still in school. I'm so excited and very moved that this helped to solidify your decision! We all know money is a major factor because we can't live without it, but no amount of money can make you enjoy something you really don't have the heart for. Good luck to you and your son! =) Thank you so much for reading, take care.

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