How long do you spend studying?

  1. Hi all,

    I'm in my first semester of Nursing (in New Zealand) now after completing a 'foundation certificate' because I did my last year of shcool abroad.

    At the moment I have Tuesday-Thursday in class then a four day weekend from Friday untill the following Monday. I study probably 2-3 hours on the mondays and fridays and close to four or five on Saturday/Sunday. So roughly 15 hours. I also tend to study before/after classes or during breaks whilst I'm at school, but that's hard to calculate as social time with class mates can often interupt.

    Also Starting a new job soon as a community support worker (15hours pw.) so I'm a bit worried whether it'll impact on grades or not.

    I know it's a bit 'comparing apples with oranges' to compare with people outside my own country, but it was just a bit of a curiosity that I thought I might ask.

    So how long long do you guys spend studying?

    Any advice or experiences from similar situations that I could draw from would be much appreaciated too.
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  3. by   ShaynaSmart
    I'm in my first semester. We meet for lecture/theory on Tuesdays and Fridays and we have lab/clincials on Thursdays.
    I spend about the same amount of time studying as you do, except I take Fridays off. When I come home, I throw my books on the table and don't look at them until the following day. It really helps me clear my head and have fun. Then, it depends on how many chapters we have to read. This weekend I had to read 2 chapters each day on Sat. Sun. and Mon. to be prepared for tomorrow.
    I'd say on the weekends I spend 9 hours studying, then maybe 3 hours on Mondays and Wednesdays (getting ready for lab/clinicals). And we have access to Prep-U where we can answer critical thinking questions, and I spend a about 3 hourse a week there!

    Guess it doesn't matter what country you're in; nursing school is still a lot of work! : )

    Oh, due to financial constraints, I might have to get a part-time job until my fiance can find a full-time one, and am also worried about how that will impact my studying.
  4. by   SummitRN
    I only study for 2-4 hours the night before the test. It works well for me and has my whole life. Other people in my class study for hours every day. You will find what works for you.
  5. by   delrepublica1776
    Far far longer than I normally should! :spin:
  6. by   emmie9905
    I am coming into my final stretch in nursing school. I have learned that you should spend 2-3 hours per course hours. That's sometimes not possible but study as much as possible. You should always read the text 3 times. Once before the lecture, actively listen during lecture, and then review after lecture or before the exam with your notes. This will help you retain the information and be able to perform better on exams. Good luck and have fun!!!
  7. by   sixty3dayswithSarah
    [font=times]hello all!
    i have to say this first... i am burnt out! thank you!
    now, my issue... i cannot seem to find any way to change my position? i would like to work in the er, however, they will only hire nurses with experience in the er? how do i get the ed experience, if no one will give me a chance?
    so, i was thinking... i am willing to temporarily relocate if need be, i was wondering if anyone knew of any training programs, designed for a nurse with experience, just not in that particular area. i am willing to travel to another state and stay for a lil bit, to go through a training program, does anyone know of any, or know of a source where one could look for training opportunities? if not the er, maybe the icu? help!

  8. by   GitanoRN
    needless to say, it varies with each individual and their ability to retain information. having said that, when i was in my nursing program i studied like a maniac, since i was the only male left in my class & for some reason i got picked very often to answer the professor's questions. therefore, i was always ready, although with today's advances in technology one can afford to study in the manner that is more convenient to you. admittedly, i studied 3 to 4 hrs. maybe that's the reason why i didn't have a social life back then :uhoh21: in addition, i recall taping all of my material & using flash cards, oddly enough it worked for me. wishing you the very best in all of your future endeavors..aloha~
  9. by   kntdoneyet
    When I first started I was studying roughly ten hrs a week. But my grades weren't what I expected. So I went back to my gen ed study habits, which is about two hours the night before and the hour before the exam. My grades have gone up. But, as other posters have stated, you will find what works for you.
  10. by   . Z A C H
    The night before a test
    Never opened a text book
    don't take notes
    daydream during lecture

    I do not recommend this method. Everyone else I go to school with studies like crazy, I'm blessed to not have to do this in order to do well.
  11. by   malestunurse
    Where are you doing your study Chris?
  12. by   bingubsn
    2 hours a day, 12 hours a day the last 2-3 days before an exam in the quite room of the library.
  13. by   Qtip
    It's hard to find time to study between all the busy work and working. Never thought much about it, but this post made me think, and I don't spend nearly enough time. 4-6 Hours a week maybe, and I always get in a good 8+ the day before the test, reviewing all the material. I consistently get B's, but when I increase my study time I have not noticed any increase in test scores.
  14. by   Wanahakalugi
    I'm in the US and in my second semester of nursing school. Our standard is 3 hours of study time per 1 hour of lecture. With that in mind, we have 6 hours of lecture per week, with an additional 1 hour of lab...theoretically I should be spending what, 21 hours/week studying? I would say it is closer to 15 like yourself. On harder units of study, line Neuro which we are doing now, I will get closer to the 21 hour mark.

    Please know that I am a Husband, father of 3, and work full time. I get around 4 hours a sleep/night and I'm am tired of hearing the single people in the world that have their parents paying for their school complain of how hard life is at that is different for every person, yes, but if you life with your parents, have no job, and go a party on the weekends and complain about failing nursing school because it is "too hard", go somewhere please.... (NOT DIRECTED AT YOU AT ALL!!!