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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then go to a 4 yr school. When I... Read More

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    Hey, i'm a guy here, 21, sophomore in Mount Carmel College of Nursing in Columbus ohio!

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    Im a guy also, I work as a Nurse Practitioner. From Indianapolis Indiana
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    Quote from patrick1rn
    Im a guy also, I work as a Nurse Practitioner. From Indianapolis Indiana
    How do you like being a practitioner? What setting? I am thinking about doing that as my specialty.
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    I just registered on the website and this is my first post. It's awesome there's a "guys club" here haha. I'm a nursing student in Edmonton, Alberta, in my last year wooooottt.
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    sup fellas

    male, aussie NP
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    Hey All, Ive been a nurse for 6 months now. Working in an ED. I just passed my CEN. Wooot!!!!
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    Hey I'm a new member. I'm a pre-nursing student and an EMT.
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    Hello all, 20 y/o just starting with my first semester of nursing school this January
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    Hey guys, my name is Phil. I'm 29 years old and I got accepted into nursing school. Finishing pre-reqs now and will officially start Fall 2013. EXCITED AS H*LLLLL!
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    I just started an Accelerated Option ADN program at Miami Dade College, and out of 50 students, there's only 9 guys.

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