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Grooming for male pre-nursing students - page 2

Hi I'm a male still taking my prerequisites for nursing school but my question is, are you allowed to grow your hair long in a nursing school/program?? cause I've been growing my hair for 3 years... Read More

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    Most likely, you can have long hair, however, it must be pulled up, just like women with long hair do.
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    Always present yourself looking sharp and well groomed. Nothing reeks unprofessional like fashionista stubble. You are there to work, not pick up hotties. Definitely pull your hair back because it will get in... stuff. It can also be a safety issue if you work in ER or psych or other areas that sometimes get hands on. I keep my hair too short to grab but once had long hair. Follow guidelines if there are any.
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    Hey guys - old bat here with an FYI

    HCAHPS now govern hospital reimbursement. This means that patient satisfaction has a direct effect on how much money the hospital will receive for their services. Organizations with poor patient satisfaction will be penalized, and the ones with high satisfaction will receive more money. So - game on.

    So, hospitals are doing everything they can to please patients, including making sure that their staff looks like exactly what the patient wants to see. I know that it may not be fair, but the public (patients & families) have a certain image that says "competent & professional nurse". If you look different than that ideal picture, this will have a very negative impact on your job prospects.
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    Hi everyone, this subject concerns me as I am continually growing hair on my face at rapid rates! What is the accepted length for facial hair? What's the accepted convention? Thanks everyone!