1. SO STOKED!!! was just hired at my hospital as an ER tech! I am in my last semester of nursing school but beyond that I had no medical experience!!! The job description stated that you had to be at least an EMT-I with 3 years of experience!! I guess I must have impressed someone during my ER clinical rotation! I hope this will give me the experience I need to get hired on fulltime in the ER/ICU when I graduate!!! This is just one milestone closer to my dream of being a CRNA (many years ahead lol)!!! Hope all is going well for everyone else.. Keep fighting and dont give up on your dreams!!!
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  3. by   sueall
    CONGRATS!!! Sounds as if you did your homework and aced the real life test! Enjoy!
  4. by   jnurse21
  5. by   francoml
    Thanks guys!!!
  6. by   Bobmo88
    Congrats! You'll learn a lot working in the ER.
  7. by   IHeartNursing321
    Congrats!! Good work!
  8. by   paradoxically7
    Yayy! Congrats!
  9. by   NurseGuyBri
    Congrats, that's awesome!! Keep us posted
  10. by   OIFSapper
    That's awesome man. I start my 1st semester Monday and that is the path I hope to go, so it is encouraging to see that it can be done!
  11. by   crschreib
    grats! this is the route id like to go aswell