Best area of Specialty for Male Nurse?

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    What is the best are of specialty for male nurse..

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    I think there have been areas that I have heard men have tended to gravitate toward (ER, ICU, Psych), but I don't think there are any areas that are "best" for men.

    On the other hand, a male OB nurse is pretty rare.
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    Eew I dont like to work in OB area.. hehehe, I'm thinking about becoming a hemodialysis Nurse.
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    The best place is the place you feel most comfortable. If that is elbow deep in placenta, then thats where it is. I feel most comfortable in ICU and ER simply because of the pace.
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    Nice to be a military nurse!
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    I want to become a military nurse too. . Um nysjazz are u a military nurse? where did you graduate? I know you're are filipino because of that flag thing.
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    yeah!im not a military nurse but i want to be one..someday....i graduated from San Carlos batch 2007....where you from?i heared that you'd just apply to camp aguinaldo to become a military nurse or any military camps near your premises hehe ,, are you from the phils too?
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    I want to become a US ARmy nurse. But the problem is they wont accept me because I'm a foreign graduate. It suck huh. , but probably there i s another way. I will try to get my MA here in the US.
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    The best areas for men to work in nursing, in order with best first:
    Medical transport.
    Surgical / trauma ICU.
    Medical ICU / CCU

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