Age Issues and The Modern Male Nurse

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    I have my fi-aid stuff under control, I have a school picked out, a BSN program lined up, and the ultimate goal of becoming a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in mind. I'm 48 years old. Am I insane? If so, why? If not, why not? Should I consider another avenue, like Clinical Counseling at my age? Thoughts . . .

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    Can't really call you crazy unless I want to classify myself that as well. 53 and starting a nights/weekends program in January. Just finishing up some pre-reqs at the local CC. Looking forward to it but also somewhat apprehensive.

    Only thing I would say is to be a bit flexible on your end goal. Your experience along the way may point you in a different direction so be willing to change course a little or a lot depending on how your experience pans out. I honestly couldn't tell you what I will end up doing, but I'm pretty sure it will be a more satisfying career than what I am doing now.
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    Why not toss out notions of age and direction. Let your clinical experiences guide you.
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    Bob N VA: Are you already working within the health care field? I am a transcriptionist, female, 52, and am planning to start prereq. courses, though I was told I will have to take either the ACT or SAT (yipes) before I can register here at a New Mexico university. I'm pretty much starting over where college is concerned; had a few credits about 20 years ago, plus a lot of life and vocational experience, along with my transcriptionist course many years ago.
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    Oops, sorry, didn't realize I was barging in on a guys' forum. I am a bit new to ";" I did a search for "age" related issues, and happened to find your post.
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    As Bob_N_VA says, "but also somewhat apprehensive" and thats the crux if it.

    "Why not toss out notions of age and direction. Let your clinical experiences guide you," says K.P.A. and that's easy to answer--this is America and we distrust older workers, we treat them with disdain then we force retirement on them.

    I must thank you both for your comments. . . Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner may not be as far-fetched a goal as I think. Even at 48. Hmm . . .
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    this is America and we distrust older workers, we treat them with disdain then we force retirement on them.
    Throw out generalization too. In life, we interact with individuals. In so much as trying to get what one wants from an institution, keeping this in mind is beneficial.

    I'm finding that life experience makes school much easier than it was when I was younger. I'm learning that I can do things that I'd once written off as beyond my capability. Best of all, I don't feel the least bit 'old'.

    How will you fit in age wise? I don't know if this is true across the USA, but the program I'm in has a few 19 year olds and a few of us in our 50's. Age in between peaks around 30.
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    You are most definitely not too old, I will graduate in May, and was 49 when I started back 51 now. I already have a degree in another field, but realized it wasn't for me. I love what I am doing! Schooling will not stop as will continue on for the NP. Also, there are several in my class who are older primarily mid 40's with a couple others older than me.
    Instructors have told me they like the older students as are focused. Realize tho, you have to prioritize your life even more than a youngster. Budgeting your time is huge. Nursing studies are not memorize and regurg, they are learn and apply and critical think. If you are married, your spouse must be online with you cause family time drops way off.
    Having said all that, it is very doable.
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    I hope you're not insane, because if you are it probably means I am too. I am not sure what I'll be doing after I get my BSN, not sure if I'll go on to NP or not; probably not, but I'm 44 and just starting out after having had a whole career in material handling sales.


    So, no, I have a vested interest in assuming your sanity. You are clearly and unequivocally mens sana in corpore sano even if your corpus, like mine, is a bit antiquus.
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    age isn't a big issue these days, ppl are living and working longer (60's & 70's), go for it.

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