USM ABSN Summer 2012

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    Hi there!

    I applied for the ABSN program beginning next summer at USM; did anyone else?

    Is there anyone out there who is currently enrolled in the program? Are you enjoying it? I'm so curious to hear anything and everything.

    Best of luck to everyone... Hoping to get to know some of you soon.

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    Hi Michelle...

    if by USM you mean University of Southern Maine ABSN then ya I applied there! I have a good feeling I wont get in though :/

    Oh well...heres hoping for the best!
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    Andrew, what makes you think you won't get it? What's your academic/work/volunteer background like?

    I don't think you're alone in your anxiety about acceptance, btw. The competition for nursing programs in general (and ABSN programs specifically!) *is* steep; I'm nervous too. I'm sending positive vibes your way. Best of luck.
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    Thanks Michelle! You too!

    My GPA is a 3.0 in Psychology. A in A&P 1 & 2, B in stats, A in micro, and A in human growth. The advisor said a 3.5 is considered competitive! Yikes hehe.

    I also have been volunteering at a hospital for the past 6 months.

    What about you? Where you from? I'm orginally from California, but have been in Vermont the last 6 months taking my prereqs. And ya waiting to hear back from schools is very stressful!! Haha
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    Michelle - are you from Maine? I am not sure if that is a helpful factor with getting accepted at U of Maine? Have you applied to other programs too? A friend (Mass resident) was accepted into the ABSN programs at UMass Amherst, Villanova, Drexel, and MGHIP, but was rejected by USM. Who knows how admissions make these decisions? I guess the trick is to apply to multiple programs.
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    I'm originally from Nashville, but I'm currently living in Bend, Oregon. I moved here to work in wilderness therapy a little more than a year and a half ago. I've been enrolled in prereqs since January and I am so excited to finally be finishing up and actually applying to nursing programs! It feels like I've been waiting forever.

    Andrew, it sounds like our stats are kind of similar!
    I had a 3.27 in undergrad (sociology) and As in all of my prereqs (except a B+ in statistics, back in '05). I've taken a couple of those "bonus" prereqs too (nutrition, currently taking organic chem). If my post-bacc coursework is included in my GPA, then I have a 3.51... Just barely in the competitive range! Eeek. I've been volunteering at a clinic since last December.

    Curiosity, That's CRAZY to hear that your friend was accepted at so many schools but not USM! I didn't realize it was THAT competitive. UMass *and* MGHIP!? Wow.

    I'm applying to a few schools in Portland, OR (Linfield, Univ. of Portland, OHSU) and also a few schools back in TN (Belmont, TSU, ETSU). I had originally planned to apply to a few other schools, but I've recently (like, 2 weeks ago) realized that I'd like to stay in the northwest, if it's possible. I really love it out here and to be honest, the prospect of moving across the country again is really unappealing when I think about it. I'd already applied to USM when I had that epiphany, of course, so if I'm accepted there but not anywhere here, then I'll move east. The TN schools are a last resort. I'd rather move to Maine than back to the south. Nothing wrong with the south, mind you... It's just not where my heart is these days.

    Curiosity, did you apply to the program as well?
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    Ya Michelle we do have similar stats. I think with my post bac work would put me around a 3.33 or something. But it's all good! Portland is my first choice
    But being that nursing school is so competitive I'll go anywhere I get in!

    Keep me updated!
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    I too applied to the USM accelerated program!! I am currently in CA working as an ER Tech at a busy hospital in Oakland. A's and B's in prereq's, undergrad GPA of 3.2, but quite a bit of patient care experience which is what I am hoping will get me in!! Good luck to all... any idea on when they let us know their decision?
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    I also applied to USM for there summer ABSN. Im in CO. 3.43 gpa with lots of internship experience in hospitals along with CNA experience at assisted living facility. I called USM nursing admissions the other day and she said that they would be sending out letters in Dec. and that we would have decision letters by the end of December. Ive read on previous blogs that they found out early december via maineportal on the website. Where else have you applied?
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    I applied to the UCSF MEPN program, Duquesne in Pittsburgh, and Michigan State. Thanks for the info on when Maine will get back to us! Have you looked into how much it will cost to go to Maine out of state?

    Anyplace else you're applying sechris?

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