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Hi there! I applied for the ABSN program beginning next summer at USM; did anyone else? Is there anyone out there who is currently enrolled in the program? Are you enjoying it? I'm so curious... Read More

  1. by   sechris
    the admissions counselor at usm nursing said we would have decision letters by end of december. i have read on previous posts however that they have found out online via mainestreet portal early december. so im not sure. but she said by the end of december so not too much longer.
  2. by   bmichellejoyner
    sechris, do you know any specifics about how notifications are sent via mainestreet portal? ie, will they be sent to email accounts, or will they appear in the main page area when we log in to the portal? just curious. i'm getting anxious.

    also, have you visited cu denver? i'm thinking of maybe looking there... any thoughts?
  3. by   St3veC
    Hey guys just came across this thread. The ABSN program at USM is my top choice and I too am anxiously waiting to hear back from them. I was told yesterday by USM that I should be receiving a letter within the next 10 business days...been checking my mail box daily. One interesting remark: on my application I listed tennis as one of my interests and received an email this past Friday from the head USM tennis coach asking if I would be interested in potentially playing for the school. Not too sure what to think of the email..?

    Good luck to everyone!
  4. by   Tweets2011
    Thanks for update! I've been anxiously waiting to hear if I was accepted. Congrats about the tennis e-mail, that sounds like a pretty positive acceptance!
  5. by   cirrocumulus
    hi everyone! i got a letter in the mail yesterday from USM; my application decision did not show up on the USM email account like i expected it to.

    to those who got in: congratulations!!!
    to those who did not: it looks like there is a new accelerated BS pilot program with maine medical center, and the application deadline is january 15. maybe you can reapply to that program, it sounds very interesting! it would be good to have experiences at MMC for a job post-grad, i would think. i would recommend sending reference letters, a resume, anything you have that can strengthen your application. are your fall grades in pre-reqs going to be great? send them! i got accepted, and i sent any & all information that could strengthen my app, including recommendation letters, which were not required or even suggested. i think those gestures truly make a difference. hope everyone has good news soon! :-)
  6. by   bellej
    Congratulations Cirrocumulus! Did anyone else submit recommendations? I called prior to sending in the application and they told me that they would not look at any letters. Did you have prior experience in healthcare?
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  7. by   tinatac
    Hi everyone!

    I got my letter today and I've been accepted!

    I did send recommendations. I didn't even realize they weren't required until after I'd sent my app in. I just assumed.

    Congrats to everyone!
  8. by   St3veC
    Just received a letter from USM and unfortunately I did not get in. I have a bachelor's of science from Penn State with a 3.48 gpa and 3+ years of experience as an EMT. I called admissions today and was told that although my application was strong, they did not accept anyone into the program with a gpa under 3.7. Still waiting to here from Mass General and Stony Brook but I thought my best shot was at USM.
  9. by   tinatac
    Wow! They didn't accept anyone below a 3.7? That's crazy.

    I think you sound like a strong candidate so good luck with the other schools! I have applied to MGH as well. I recently met a girl at a CPR course who is starting there in January. Her GPA was below a 3.6 so perhaps they're more lenient with GPA and look more at the whole package.
  10. by   St3veC
    tinatac.. I received your message. Just trying to figure out how to message you back! If you want, send me a message with your name I'll find you on facebook
  11. by   andrewmorgan
    I too did not get in, but I already knew I wasn`t going to get in. The admission lady pretty much told before I applied. Its ok though. Without sounding bitter, which I am not, but their admission requirments arent fair to most canidates in my opinion. They ONLY look at your undergrad GPA and NOT your prereq GPA. I am sure like most people on here that are going for the ABSN they took their prereqs post Bac. So if you had a 3.0 in your undergrad as I did in psychology, but a 3.8 in your post bacc prereqs (A&P, Stats, Micro, Human growth) they do not take that into condiseration. I remember reading about a person who got into the program with like a 3.5 and only had Stats done by the application deadline. Granted a 3.5 is nothing to scoff at in your undergrad but does that sound fair? All grades should be considered. A 3.85 in classes such as the above mentioned is a little more telling than say a 3.5 in say communications?

    I know these programs are competitive as they SHOULD BE, but USM needs to a more well rounded job in requirments. Maybe ask for letters of rec. or interviews. But anyways heres to the next schools!

    Congrats to those who made it!!!! Good luck! Make us proud
  12. by   bmichellejoyner
    I didn't get in either. Congratulations to everyone who did!
  13. by   JayMaineNurseToBe
    I got my letter yesterday(12/7)... And I'm in! I'm really sorry to those who didn't get a favorable response. Good luck with your other applications. To those who were asking about admissions specifics: 3.82 gpa ten yrs ago, lots of real world exp. virtually none of it in health care, good solid essay, A's in A&P 1, Stat's, and Lifespan at time of app & finishing A&P 2 now. Looking forward to hearing from others also accepted for summer 2012! Good luck.