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Greetings from South Carolina to all you Mainers out there! Forgive me for making this thread a non-medical one, but I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Maine (specifically, to go straight up the New... Read More

  1. by   bell47
    Quote from Gldngrl
    Brown's Ice Cream by Nubble Light- don't miss!
    York Beach-lovely shops, nice beach, great place to visit.
    Just drive up Coastal Route 1- lots of places to stop, if you like antiquing, this is the place for you as well.
    My favourite place in the world is The Cliffhouse in Ogunquit, it's a wonderful hotel, which overlooks the ocean, very private, I stay there every year when I visit.
    I love the York Beach area! Also if you like a great fish sandwich go to the Owl's Head General store on Fridays for the best haddock melt EVER! The town of Owls Head is just outside of Rockland. You can also catch a ten minute flight over to Vinalhaven or get a senic flight with Penobscot Island Air. They are truely a great bunch of guys.(The owner's wife is a nurse!) I lived in ME for two years and loved it, but the winters are a little brutal. PM me if you plan on going to the Rockland area, I'll give you alot more info.
  2. by   pizzalover
    The description of Maine has made me fall in love with the place.....I can't wait to visit it and maybe move there one day.
    Thanks to all of you..........for the wonderful memories shared.
    Life is so much different here in England,especially in London.....not a very friendly city.
  3. by   mpena
    Hi abby ,Im a RN in miami , but I went on vacation to maine a few years back and fell in love with camden, castine. Do you know if there is a a big demand for RNs there. I have 9 yrs experience in med surg and now im on a neuro floor, my dream is to live and work in maine.
  4. by   TerpGal02
    This thread makes me miss Maine so much! I am a Marylander, but I have a dear friend who hails from the great state of Maine and I have been there a few times to visit her. Her dad lives in Bath, he was in the Navy and had a permanent position at the Brunswick Naval Base until he retired. I loved Bath so much, even the shipyard, even though that is no longer. I ate the best pizza I have ever tasted in my life there at a little hole in the wall called The Cabin. I remember going there in March, watching the huge chunks of ice floating down the river LOL! Her dad got remarried on Orr's Island, my friends step mom grew up there and her family still has land there. They had this huge old place they called The Lodge. It dated back 150 years probably. One of the doors that lead into the servant's quarters looked like it came out of Alice in Wonderland. The door only came up to your waist. The real door lead down the steps into the kitchen. The coast on that island was SO beautiful. You had to walk through a HUGE pine forest and the coast was all rocks. At night you could look up and see every star in the sky. She took me to Old Orchard Beach too. It was a really cute town. More touristy and more resembled some of the beaches in NJ or even MD, except I had to wear a sweater in August and the water was ice cold. I've also been to Portland, Freeport (great shopping!) and Auburn. I love Maine and I really hope to go back some day. My friend now lives in NYC and rarely goes back, so I have no excuse to, but someday.