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Using an RN's license

  1. 0 A situation for all that read this post.

    An RN needs to be in the building to do admins/falls basically assessments at all times at the LTC facility. What if an RN were in the building but not as a supervisor and an experienced LPN is supervisor under the RNs license. The RN does not know that their license is on the line nor would they be compensated for it.

    What are your thoughts? What would you do?

    Thanks for your input.
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    Who is actually signing those assessments? That's whose license is "on the line".
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    Is this Rn a new grad? How could that Rn not know she was responsible for suping the building?
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    Yes the RN is a new grad.
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    He new because he was told that he was not supervising the building. And an LPN was to supervise.
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    LPN's can NOT supervise RN's in Massachusetts. We are all responsible for our own practice. The LPN wouldn't be responsible for the RN's work nor would the RN be responsible for the LPN's work.
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    The RN is not responsible for the LPNs work. It is a federal law that a RN is in the building for at least 8 hours a day ,7 days a week unless the facility has a waiver. It's an OBRA regulation. The DON cannot be counted when considering this. Whomever is signing the assessment is responsible for it. Both, RN and LPN can legally complete an admission or fall assessment.
    In MI, LPNs use to be house supervisors but most nursing facilities are doing away with that to have more RNs in management positions.

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    Well Iguess you're meeting your legal requirements, but I think that Rn would eventually catch on
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    The LPN would be supervising the building, not the RN. The LPN can gather information for the assessment but, it would still eventually need an RN to sign off on it.
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    In Wyoming an LPN can do the fall assessment. They do not do admission assessments unless it is signed off by an RN, but usually an RN does the admit assessment.

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