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    The nurse did not give insulin to a patient on time and blood sugar rose 400's. Who gets the medication error write up, the nurse, supervisor, or both and the supervisor had no knowledge of the situation until hours later.

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    That is high, how much time lapsed from the check to getting the insulin?? Not enough info to really answer, what other issues were going on during that time frame..Did the nurse ask for help and the supervisor declined.. I mean if the supervisor was unaware, I don't see how they are at fault.
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    Each of us is responsible for our own practice. Why in the world would the supervisor be at fault??
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    What does on time mean? Like hours late? Just curious...
    Not supervisors fault. Were the orders on MAR clear and correct?
    Med error goes to nurse....
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    Med error to the Nurse. If it's continued issue, written warning for the nurse. I would only involve fault with the supervisor if there is a continued issue with her staff not following orders AND you have already talked to her AND he/she didn't educate or counsel the nurses with issues.

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