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  1. mrfrost

    Supervisor or at Fault

    What does on time mean? Like hours late? Just curious... Not supervisors fault. Were the orders on MAR clear and correct? Med error goes to nurse....
  2. mrfrost

    ADON On-Call, Med-carts, and Comp Time

    Have to take call q6 weeks, Mon-Sun. Get 8 hours comp time(can trade in for hours on check) Since our floor nurses take call also, have to work if they are already scheduled to work during a call in. Get 8 hours comp for shifts I have to work when Im not on call. As for salary, no way, wouldnt have taken position. Work way to many hours for that. I do 10 hours each day at the least. But I love my job !
  3. mrfrost

    AM PM Med Pass

    Most med aides in this area have 60 residents each. Thay dont do anything but medications. My nurses handle PRNs. Never had a complaint from med aides. and they are always in compliance. Here, nurses have to order medications ( or reorders ) because MA cannot. Nurses have to do all transcriptions to MARs because MA cannot. All MAs have to do is pass meds. I can see the positives in open blocks of times to give meds. Just wouldnt work here. Some resdidents are too demanding with wanting their meds. I can imagine my MA on one hall with residents on another hall wanting their meds "right now". Talk about chaos. Dont want to be in the middle of that. But hey if it works.....
  4. mrfrost

    AM PM Med Pass

    Well if it works for you and is allowed in your area, I would do it. In my area we cant. My pharmacist consultant would have a stroke ! Trying to give meds in open blocks of time, we would never get everything passed out. How many pt. do you have ? Do you med aides or med nurse? What is ratio of med admn. staff/pt. ? Just curious. Thanks
  5. They wont care. As long as your clear on the registry and clear backgound check. Some facilities offer the training and testing for free and in as little as 10 days.
  6. mrfrost

    AM PM Med Pass

    Your facility must have a medication administration schedule in place. Depending on size of your facility. So you can stay in compliance with your med pass. You have to have a time policy in effect for each unit. The only way we give meds different than this schedule is for residents that have an order to give certain meds at times other than scheduled med pass. BTW, my synthroids are given at 0600(by 10/6), coumadins at 1700. ABT are given according to order, QD, BID,TID, w/food, etc.
  7. mrfrost

    Addressing staff complaints against peers

    This is the truth ! The staff should know that there is a penalty for not reporting abuse and they can be held accountable just as the person doing it. Vebal abuse is a reportable to the state. (my state at least) Better catch it before it gets too far. And even with allegations of abuse, the person has to be taken out of direct patient care until investigation is complete.(my state at least)
  8. mrfrost

    Megace Suspension

    Too expensive, need to take proper amts for it to work properly. (400 mg bid) Remeron is much cheaper and does work
  9. mrfrost

    LTC-I want report and count at beginning of my shift

    When I worked the floor as charge nurse for a unit and also my facility nurses do now, do not accept unit without report and count...period. At the start of your shift. If off going nurse was not ready to report/count with me, wouldnt start until they were ready. Counting your medications is very important. You dont want to find out 3 hours later in to your shift that someone didnt sign out for a narc. Then its on you to prove how, when, etc. it was given. What if they forgot to record it in NN or prn sheet. All they have to say is you accepted the cart. Then it is on you.
  10. mrfrost

    Post Fall Neuro Checks

    This is a personal policy of DON. we have a release form if there is no apparent injury, the family can say no to ER trip. Many do refuse without known poss. head injury. But yes, very many transfers. Wish I was in private ambulance business. Cheers
  11. mrfrost

    Post Fall Neuro Checks

    unwitnessed fall or head involved = to er neuros are post-fall x72 hours for any fall. per standard neuros checks