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    Quick question: I had heard that once a facility has had a QIS survey (I'm in Upstate NY) that the next survey must be a QIS I have not found this written in anything and wanted to know if anyone else had some insight into this. It's patchy where I am. Some facilities getting traditional survey, some getting QIS. Any help is appreciated.

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    In MN we were one of the first facilities to get the QIS in the state. Once we had it, we never had a traditional again. But, that doesn't answer your question, not sure if it is set in stone.
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    Thanks! We had a zero deficiency (for nursing dept) QIS last year and just entered our window again. Here's to hoping for the same this year! This will be the first survey that I have been involved with at this facility. I started four months ago as the manager of a 40 bed rehab/LTC floor. It's been a little chaotic with the adjustment, so I suppose I'm just being gun shy.
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    Once you go QIS, you won't go back.
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    That's what I had hoped for. The survey team is at a neighboring facility getting the old style survey. I'm not going to get worked up about it. I have worked hard. It's been only four months and there is still much left that hasn't even caught up yet. I can only do my best.
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    Well, you never know what to expect! We are having the traditional survey after going through a QIS last year. So much for consistency. This unpredictability is demoralizing and one of the reasons I think I want to leave long term care for good. I do not like the direction the industry is taking lately. At least in New York. I think I'd rather do bedside care back on med surg
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    Quote from savoytruffle
    ... We had a zero deficiency (for nursing dept) QIS last year...
    Fantastic! And congrats!
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    Thanks, we weren't so lucky this time. Two nursing and three other tags this go-round. Plan of correction done and implemented. Ny said they will go all QIS by 2014- I won't hold my breath

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