is it Legal for DSD to give information

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    Hi Just a question, is the DSD legally able to give ou information to their family member? Well, couple months ago i left my job because we were moving out of state and unfortunately came back after a month so when i came back i found another job however my friend insisted for me to apply in another facility for a adon position. i tried to apply there and did my orientation for like 2 days and did not like so i did not continue. my coworkers from old job who constantly talks trash behind me started a rumor that i am in that facility because of more money. who happened to be the direct competetion of my previous job...because the DSD who happened to be the sister of one of my coworker and giving out information about me. and just recently my DON asked me to come back and i did, and now im currently working again with those back stabbers and hated that i am back and when they asked me if i worked in that other facilty i said no because i dont want them all up in my business they started saying that . Yes you did because my sister who is the DSD told us so. my qyestion is is this bullying and that DSD has all the rights to just give information to their family member?im so upset and thinking about quitting what should i do??????

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    You are dealing with typical workplace behavior for a lot of individuals. If you quit over this, you will have a hard time supporting yourself and the creepy coworkers will have won. They will continue to laugh about you without your presence, and you won't have a paycheck. Best course of action is to tough out the job until you find something better. Good luck.
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    I'm the worst when it comes to spelling and grammer, but can you fix your post a bit? I couldn't finish reading it.
    You will get more help this way.
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    thanks caliotter3, do you suggest confronting my creepy coworkers?

    At michelle, what you mean about grammar? what cant you understand exactly?
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    What is a DSD other than a dry sterile dressing?
    Your post is very hard to follow since you don't use punctuation or capitalization properly.
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    Director of Staff Development
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    I would not go out of my way to confront coworkers. Just do your job.
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    We call them SDC-Staff Development Coordinators.
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    A Staff Developer by any other name!
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    Quote from caliotter3
    I would not go out of my way to confront coworkers. Just do your job.
    Honestly, I would get up every single morning, put the biggest smile on my face, and leave that smile on all day. Sooner or later, they will all move on to another more interesting target, and really, probably 3/4 of them don't care but are going along with whomever the ring leader is. Sounds like jealously to me, which I always take as a profound compliment, and as they say in the movies, if they aren't talking about you, you aren't relevant (again, it is a wierd form of flattery for them to be all in your business and sound like none of them have the guts to change jobs, move around, OR come back, so......)

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