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  1. 0 I have been a nurse for close to 10 years, first as an LVN and then an RN. I started out in LTC but was in hospice for 7 years after that. I was recently hired to be don at a small rural facility. Current census 37.

    I need help. Where do I get all of the info regarding state regs so I know we are doing it right? Also, I was looking for MCR skilled nursing note guidelines. Any and all info, hints, and tips are appreciated.
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    I've been a Don all my life even before nursing school. I guess you mean D.O.N
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    Yes. Lol. I'm on an I pad and took the short way out with that.
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    Your facility should have a regulation book. I've always heard it referred to as "the Watermelon book" (not real sure where that name came from but most people I meet seem to know what it is in our world).
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    The Watermelon and green paper....the various state agencies should put all the regs on a web site so they are easy to find.